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Weekly #559 - Chicken or Egg? Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 01/04/2018
Judge: andymat

Given that it is nearly Easter, I am asking for images on the theme "Chicken or Egg?". Let's see if we can get some imaginative juices flowing.

The usual weekly competition rules apply. Entries can be shot for the competition or taken from your archives. It must though be shot using a Pentax camera or re-branded clones.

The winner is expected to set, comment on and judge the next weekly competition.

The competition closes at midnight BST (GMT+1) on Easter Sunday, 1st April.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 02/04/2018 - 11:47
Perhaps in hindsight, this subject was a bit obscure and limiting. I think I should have chosen something giving more scope for entries. So it looks like I have learnt something if nothing else!

As for the comments, I can only re-iterate the standard warning. I am not an expert and my thoughts are just that – thoughts.

So here goes…

Hopefully the chicken! Stephen-S
What lovely colours in the feathers of that chicken – what a handsome animal. A slight downside to the image is that it is against a background of a similar mixture of colours.

One’s hatched?! Abe_Normal
It looks like you have gone to the effort of taking a photo specifically for the contest – well done. The depth of field is good with the focus on the chick at the centre, and the background is nicely done – I wouldn’t have known it was a napkin unless you said! The only thing that seems odd is the front red egg seems a bit flat for some reason (?).

Two Eggs, Noelcmn
Very nicely done. The control of the light to ‘model’ the curvature of the eggs is nice and the contrast from white surface to complete shadow is bold. I might have tried to get a little more of the eggs out of complete darkness but this is a minor point.

Both, Davidwozhere
An image with both real chickens and real eggs. Well done. A slightly sinister image but well exposed and good story telling.

Neither, Perspicador
What a lovely image of a chaffinch. Nice and sharp with a good contrast, out of focus background and good detail. Not quite sure what happened around the feet – I wonder if there is a window frame much nearer the camera that fuzzies the foot area. And no chickens or eggs but a nice photo.

It’s the egg… i-Berg
What a nice festive image. With a good feeling of depth with the control of depth of field, a colourful and appealing subject, neutral background and perhaps a hint of vignetting to direct the eye. Nicely done.

So the results.

First: It’s the egg… i-Berg
Second: Two Eggs, Noelcmn
Third: Both, Davidwozhere



Link Posted 02/04/2018 - 17:22
Congrats I-berg, lovely colors and I won't hold it against you for upping my chocolate cravings. And extended to my fellow podium placed Davidwozhere. Thanks Andy for the challenge, thought it had a lot of potential for interesting images. And for the judging and critique exercise and the 2nd spot. Chuffed with that!


Link Posted 02/04/2018 - 22:43
Hey thank you Andy, and well done to Noel and David. Easter seems a bit slow for entries all round - the Monthly Comp differs not, I see. So unlikely to be the topic Andy - people might be away etc.

Will devise something for the week when I get home from work.


Link Posted 03/04/2018 - 00:14
Colourful, attractive and well taken. Well done i-Berg (again!) and Noel. I took one of a solitary egg but it looked too lonely - you got it right with your two. At least Noel and I don't have to devise and judge another one. Thanks Andy.
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