Weekly #556 - Juxtaposition Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 11/03/2018
Judge: stephen-s

For this weeks competition I am looking for an image that illustrates "Juxtaposition" in some form within it.

I have attempted to select a theme that is fairly open and could be applied across photographic genres, so fingers crossed good selection of images will roll in.

So put your thinking caps on, have a quick google for some ideas and then either go out a take a photo for the competition or trawl in your archive for a suitable image. As usual as long as the image was taken using Pentax camera or clone...

You have until midnight Sunday 11th March to get your entries in.

Best of Luck.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 12/03/2018 - 14:37
Thanks for all your images, we ended up with quite good selection again, but it was really good to see a few people have taken images for the competition, this is something I often struggle to do myself often due work getting in the way!

Anyway my personal comments / judgements are below:

Hot hot – Perspicador
I see the heat plus light in juxtaposition with the cold and dark in this image. I think you have captured the mood of the fire well with this image, I could almost smell and hear the burning.

Man Eating Horse - tyronet2000
Quite an unexpected contrast, a herbivore eating a man… I enjoyed the irony in the image, well seen.

Bird in Flight – Nigelk
Another ironic image, possibly stronger sense of irony than that of juxtaposition in my opinion. However that said it is a good example of documentary photography, with good leading lines. I particularly liked the position of the three workmen in the image…

Long Stay Bus Stop – JAK
I enjoyed the humour in this image… In my experience buses tend to say at the stop just long enough for me to just miss them. So the juxtaposition is between the long stay parking sign and the more brief nature implied by that of the adjacent bus stop sign appealed to me.

Like father like son – pipinmels
I was expecting to see images illustrating contrasting age, but I was quite impressed with the clever way these two images have been combined. It is amazing how similar your son looks to you…

Cowgate, Edinburgh – davidwozhere
It’s quite an unexpected site a cow sticking out of a building that is now most likely in the middle of a city. The other contrasting aspect that struck me was that of the dressed stone on the front elevation of the building and the rough stone of the side. So does that mean the rear of the cow is sticking out of the front? I think I need a wee drink to contemplate some more.

Oh no, she's shopping again – davidtrout
That sums up my reaction to the “s” word perfectly. Very original image illustrating juxtaposed reactions to sales shopping…

Smile – Simonmac
Ah a grey drab downbeat day in the city juxtaposed with the upbeat cheerful image portrayed in the advertising… I liked the position of the advert on the edge of the frame looking in towards the two men in the street. Well seen and captured.

Fly Clean Only – johnjm
Quite strong contrast in the colour of the flower vs the fly, the other is the scale of the fly and dew in juxtaposed to the size of the flower.

Ancient and Modern. Old me. New me. - vic cross
Another age related juxtaposition, but this one is technology related. Shows how technology has progressed, although part of me was expecting to see old and new Pentax technology ;o)

Analogue & Digital Time – GlynM
Another technology related image and really well taken. The wood grain in the old clock is just gorgeous and it seems to be keeping time quite well I was also impressed with the self-built modern clocks although I am not too sure they will stand the test of time as well as the analogue version.

Beauty and the beast – Noelcmn
To me this image is a cracking illustration of nature juxtaposed with man-made. The Raaxo wire tells the story of that relationship is often one of conflict. Well seen and shot, the light on the thrush is great.

Old versus New – MikeInDevon
This image illustrates the change in architecture over the centuries. I liked the composition with the lines of the new buildings leading you to the Cathedral. With the scale of the modern “Cathedral of shopping” is also highlighted by the juxtaposition of the smaller buildings between. The only thing that distracts me slightly are the reflections in the glass window that the picture has been taken through…

Life is a juxta position! – drofmit
A very interesting and educational image, the simple vibrant contrasting colours hide the complexity of and often conflicting relationships between the competing organisms growing in the same place… This image is all about the detail, which has been very well seen and photographed.

New reflecting Old – mudge
Another old and new architecture image. What I like is that the glazing in modern building is split up, and the curved nature of the double glazed pains makes the image a little more abstract. I like the fact you have managed to keep the horizontal and vertical lines parallel to the edge of the frame of the image.

1st - Analogue & Digital Time – GlynM
2nd - Beauty and the beast – Noelcmn
3rd - Smile – Simonmac
HC - Life is a juxta position! – drofmit
HC - Oh no, she's shopping again – davidtrout
HC - Long Stay Bus Stop – JAK


Link Posted 12/03/2018 - 15:53
Well done those on the podium and HCs. Thank you to Stephen for setting an interesting challenge, I've enjoyed it.


Link Posted 12/03/2018 - 18:21
Nice one Stephen, a good challenge well judged and commented on. Congratulations to the top three on the podium Glyn, Noel and Simon. and thanks for my HC along with Tom and JAk.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 12/03/2018 - 21:03
Congratulations to the Winner and other places. Thanks to Stephen for the interesting subject the judging and the comprehensive comments.



Link Posted 12/03/2018 - 21:13
Wow, that was a surprise . Many thanks Stephen for awarding my image the top slot in a very interesting and well managed competition.

Congratulations to my fellow podium members Noel and Simon, the three HCs and everyone else for such a wonderful broad set of interpretations. I loved the sense of fun that was captured in some of the images.

I will post up the next subject shortly.

Last Edited by GlynM on 12/03/2018 - 21:21


Link Posted 13/03/2018 - 10:21
I'll just echo that statement "That was a surprise" , in what I considered a tough challenge, so many interesting and dynamic images in this weeks challenge, so I'm honored to awarded the coveted 2nd spot. Congrats GlynM, stunning image and idea, well executed, worthy winner. And extended to my fellow podium placed Simonmac, and the HC's Dromfit, Davidtrout and JAK. Lovely challenge, excellent judging - Thanks stephen-s. Satisfying challenge!


Link Posted 13/03/2018 - 19:03
A really interesting challenge.

Thank you for awarding a place. And congratulations to the winner, runner up and HCs!

Always encouraged when I have a go so thank you to you all.

All the best
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