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Closing Date: 04/02/2018
Judge: womble

If you see a masterful landscape in BW one thinks of Ansel Adams, or a self portrait in a mirror taken with a Rollei of Vivian Maier. This week I'd like your photos to be inspired by someone, or something. It needn't be a photographer (e.g., an abstract inspired by Picasso). The title should tell everyone who or what, e.g., "Lake district landscape, inspired by Ansel Adams".
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Congratulations to the Winner



Link Posted 05/02/2018 - 20:31
Sorry for the delay in judging, busy day teaching.

I don't normally go for heavily photoshopped images but in this case I loved the gorgeous colours. The texture and the repetition fitted the brief wonderfully. No gold leaf needed...

Runners Up: Life's a beach and Girl in Nature.

I really enjoyed looking at all your entries. Thank you very much for your efforts. In the following comments I have tried to give some constructive criticism, so, please take my comments in that light. The images were of a high quality all round.

Chaffinch, Inspired by Basil Ede

Lovely image, sharp around the eyes where it should be. Basil would not have had to worry about depth of field. Creamy, unfussy background. I would have cropped a slither more off the left hand side to get rid of the little bit of bright green stem.

Flinders Ranges Landscape - Inspired by Hans Heysen 1877-1968

Excellent interpretation of the brief. I like the way the tree forms a frame for the image. The only thing it lacks is something more eye-catching within that frame. The tree in the background merges a little with the far hills. Maybe it needs a cow or two!

Outward Bound (inspired by Lowry)

Lovely view of the town and I like the way the path leads the eye to the group of people walking up the hill. I realise you are trying to create a Lowry-esque feel, but I wonder if a little more contrast might have helped give the image a little more punch?

Rosé inspired by Mullo

I'm afraid Mullo defeated me and wikipedia, unless you mean some sort of vampire...! Anyway, I liked the simple composition of this image, beautifully minimal. I am less keen on the rather busy background. It would perhaps work better if it was further away and thus out of focus.

Timber inspired by Picasso

Entertaining modern image, with a definitely Picasso-esque flair. I wonder if taking the photo straight on to the log pile might make for a more comfortable composition. It feels as though my eye should be led somewhere, but it heads out of the image to the right.

Girl in Nature inspired by the pre-Raphaelite painters

Really interesting and engaging image with beautiful colours. I really like this one, and looked at it for some time. My only query is that it doesn't really remind me of the pre-Raphaelites, but then I guess that is interpretation of art. Well done.

Inspired by Martin Parr - Life's a Beach

Braver man than I (and I mean you and Parr). This is very Parr-esque, and would be quite in place amongst his images, or in the British Life competition volumes! It is just the sort of image I feel far too self-conscious to try and take.

Changing the landscape - Inspired by Edward Burtynsky

Edward is the 2018 Photo London Master of Photography. His ecological photos are both stunning and scary. This image is clearly in the same vein. The colours and the scale of this image are amazing. I wonder if it is heavily cropped, or lost some sharpness in the resizing?

Inner Monet

Lovely dreamy colours and a definitely impressionist feel. The splash of red catches the eye. I feel it could do with a stronger focal point, however.

Bossington as inspired by John Constable

Lovely image of a lovely place. Well done. All you really need is someone leading a cow up the road, or to give it a modern twist a hiker with a dog.

Autumn Gold - inspired by Klimt

Lovely colours, great repetition of the trunks. Excellent use of digital tools to create the effect.
Kris Lockyear
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Lots of film bodies, a couple of digital ones, too many lenses (mainly older glass) and a Horseman LE 5x4.

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Hi Kris,

Many thanks for your comments and congratulations to the winner and runner ups, great work all round!



Link Posted 05/02/2018 - 23:44
Thanks.... I wasn't expecting that!! I just flipped in to see who won before going to bed.
Thank you... and congratulations to the runners up.

Thanks for the comments, too.
I have always adored Klimt's artwork but wasn't intending to go to such lengths... however, as I was searching my abysmally organised picture library, I happened upon the stand of Poplars... the pictures were both taken the same day and not far apart in time.
The two pictures of the Norway Maples are the original and one I cropped for something else... the poplars aren't repeated... that is as they stood [they were cropped last year]... as it adjoins our land, we are waiting to see what they get replaced with.

The method I used was the poplar picture as background... but deliberately lightened... then the two maple pictures were overlaid at different transparencies. It was still too green for Klimt on the left, so a random pattern airbrush wash of orange was sprayed over that side to bring it in tone with the maples.
That was then flattened and "watercoloured".... before the whole picture was lightened again to enhance the "gold" of our maples in Autumn.

This weeks competition is inspired by Stan's "Rosé"....
it will be up shortly but as a title and basic words only....
I am dog tired so will finish it when the cats wake me tomorrow morning!!
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"


Link Posted 06/02/2018 - 01:53
Good comp Kris - thank you for steering me along with the feedback. Congrats to Tim, Paul & JR, and well done to the other entrants also.

Mooving right along now to bottles...
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Link Posted 06/02/2018 - 08:23
Have just checked the spelling of the artist (and he is more commonly known as Javier). His surname is Mulio not Mullo as I have put it. His original work has plain backgrounds.
An interesting subject for a competion.



Link Posted 06/02/2018 - 09:28
Congratulations to Drofmit and many thanks to womble for doing the honours. Also, thanks for the runner up spot. In my opinion photographers like Martin Parr don't get the credit they deserve for their in-your-face style. Its very difficult and you need balls of steel.

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