Weekly #496 - Twisted Competition

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Closing Date: 15/01/2017
Judge: Carol8345

Happy 2017 everyone. I would like to start this one off with something that everyone can participate in. For us in the States the weather can prevent us from getting outside as we would like. This weeks challenge is Twisted, use your imagination and have fun with it!! Color or black and white.

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Competition Entries


Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 08:54
Thank you all for your entries, we have another great group of images. I am sick and feeling a bit under the weather, but I will try to give you all some good detailed comments. As I’ve said before I am no expert at this and I have to judge solely on what I like and what sticks to the theme. I was watching all week and had my winners picked, it goes to show you don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Evergreens, Perspicador - I get it, evergreens are twisted up in their growth. With this image I would have liked to see maybe a macro close up with crisp clear detail, maybe it’s my eyes but this does seem a little out of focus.

Cable, davidwozhere – Lighting was really in your favor here which brought out the detail of every strand. This is so clear that I can almost see the rust growing on each fiber. Well taken David, this caught my eye right away.

Twice Twisted, i-berg – Interesting subject, reminds me when I was a kid and we would go to the lake. The more I look at this image, the more I see, both above and below the water line. Very nice image.

Twisted Hazel, kh1234567890 – This one caught my eye right away and I had it definitely chosen as a winner. The vines are twisted and you have great depth of field here. True to the theme, great job with this, really nice.

Dafttwist, JAK – Super! This is another of my favorites and very creative and colorful. I love these abstracts and this is true to the theme, good job JAK.

Slightly only twisted trunk, Dariusz – Good composition here and nice image, however it does appear to me that the spot focus was on the vines to the right of the tree that are on the ground, I would have liked to see more detail in the bands of tree growth. Maybe if this was taken from a little different angle, and a little closer

Twisted Tree Bark, MikeInDevon – Wow, very dramatic, I really like what you did with this. Black and white suits it well. Your treatment gives this tree a very ominous look as if in a scary movie, well done.

Tension, davidtrout – Bridges can be such interesting subjects; I really like this and the fact you added a little something else to make this photo more interesting. Really nice composition and DOF on the Hotel.

Twisted thinking, ken2390 – Oh my goodness! This image made me smile! Nature has a great sense of humor at times. What I want to know is what you were thinking when you snapped this photo….lol . The composition is great with lots of detail, very twisted indeed.

Round and round, Mag07 – I loved this photo the other day when you posted it in the main gallery and I love it still today. You were not only fortunate to find your spiral staircase but you found a beautiful one at that. Gorgeous shot and black and white suits it well.

Hut Roof, johnjm – In my book this is another winner, great job John. I can’t see what lens you used or your settings, but I really like this. I am interested in knowing how high the roof was on this hut. Very good image and super composition of the subject.

Twisted and tangled, AndrewA – Twisted and tangled it is! Really a nice image with the sun peeking through the limbs. I’m normally one that likes the dramatic look, but I think in this case it may be a little too dark, therefore losing some of its character. This is another one that reminds me of sleepy hollow, good job.

Elephant engagements, Noelcmn - Super shot Noel, great lighting, nice composition, interesting subjects; as they would say in the UK this is a cracking shot.

Cutting Edge, sinmonmac – Another winner in my book and true to the theme of the competition. The twisted wire up against the sky adds drama to the photo. I like this image a lot.

1st place goes to Mag07
2nd Elephant engagements Noelcmn
3rd Hut roof, johnjm

Honorable mentions,
twisted hazel kh1234567890,
dafttwist, JAK,
cutting edge, simonmac
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Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 10:03
Thank you judge, well done and congrats all.


Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 13:12
Thanks for the competition and the judging Carol. I thought the winner might be Mag07 or JAK. Congratulations to the podiumers and commendeds.
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Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 14:34
Fair judgment, no doubt about it, albeit personally I would welcome more appreciation for "[subject] Thinking" by ken2390
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Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 15:18
Thank you very much for awarding me the first place. I loved the various interpretation of the topic. Well done everyone and congratulations to all winners and HMs. Thanks Carol for taking the time to comment in detail! Much appreciated.

Dariusz wrote:
Fair judgment, no doubt about it, albeit personally I would welcome more appreciation for "[subject] Thinking" by ken2390

I must agree
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Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 15:52
lol..on ken's photo, i would type something and backspace...Kinda looks like a butt with sores on it....but I really couldn't say that now , could I?..LOL


Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 16:15
Thank you for the competition and judging Carol.

A tougher subject than it seemed at first glance!

Some great shots here and well done to the winner, places and HCs.




Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 18:30
Ooooh! the coveted, and unexpected 2nd spot. Congratulations Mag07, love that shot, such amazing details there, and that angle- I'm suffering a bit of vertigo just looking at it, even if it is a upward shot.! And as noted, B/W is very suitable. Congrats too to Johnjm, and the HM's KH123456789, JAK and Simonmac. Lovely challenge, as usual, a lovely wide variety of interpretations, including a "bum shot" as we would say around here . Thanks Carol, for the judging exercise and comments- as always appreciated. Thanks for the unexpected 2nd spot.


Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 22:45
Thanks for the HC and judging Carol and well done the podiums and other HCs, indeed to all who entered.
Hope you get over your ailment quickly.
John K


Link Posted 16/01/2017 - 23:56
"The winner" I thought, as soon as I saw Magdalena's staircase. Super job and well deserved 1st and congratulations to Noel and John. As ever, the variety and standard were high all round.
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Link Posted 17/01/2017 - 02:38
thanks for the place, and well done to a worthy winner. I took this on a standard 18-55 kit lens, lay on the hut floor. I still dont know why exif doesn't transfer over, i use serrif photoplus for pp, and swear its there on the exported jpeg.


Link Posted 17/01/2017 - 11:18
Carol8345 wrote:
lol..on ken's photo, i would type something and backspace...Kinda looks like a butt with sores on it....but I really couldn't say that now , could I?..LOL

Well done to the winner and other placings. As to my entry, I very often bring this to mind when I hear or read comments made by a few prominent people on subjects that effect us all at some point :evil
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