Weekly #482 - Communicating Competition

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Closing Date: 09/10/2016
Judge: bforbes

People talking may be the most obvious. but I also see animals communicating there intent with displays, even traffic lights are communicating instructions. So it's a broad field to have a go at and I look forward to seeing your interpretation.
Competition Entries


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Thanks to everyone who entered this week’s competition. I’m sure all who have been judges will agree, it’s a lot more interesting job when you have a reasonable number of entries and a wide breadth of interpretation, so thanks again for this week.
On to the comments:-

Swan romance – Perspicador
Spot on the brief and no doubting the intention being communicated. Having their bodies elevated from the water gives the image a long sinuous look. Good exposure retains detail in the feathers and focus pinpoints the droplets on the beaks. Very good image to start the show.

Phone Call - kh1234567890
Modern communication in this image, but will we ever know if the two phones are connecting. It also hints at the bustle of modern life with people in the same place but somehow isolated and disinterested. A well spotted and timely image.

Get off my patch! – michaelblue
No doubting the intention here either. An all action image full of movement but with the focus on that gaping beak. I think the birds are Egret and I wondered if the red signalled danger, or are they colour blind? One to sort out later!

Today’s Electronic World – johnriley
I don’t know if this was posed or a grab shot but it certainly caught the concentration on the young girls face. Not one morsel of the information on display is going to be missed by her. You can’t help but be drawn to her expression by that hue highlighting the face. It also show that eye contact with the camera is not always desirable.

Say It With Flowers – JAK
Made me smile. I’ve been to Bury, but my recollection is of the cold, windy platforms on the East Lancs. Railway in winter. Certainly not beautiful flora displays taken in mid-summer, but it is a well taken and processed image showing a huge amount of detail from front to back.

Quietly Sharing – peterf
I had to study this one to get the meaning behind it. I think that’s partly because the figures are in deep shadow and the eye is drawn to the brighter segments. In particular through the recurring frames to the blue square.

No words needed – tyronet2000
None indeed, but I do see a discussion about food quality, a discussion on pet diet, and a “blow that just give me some”. All encapsulated in a well framed, exposed and focused image.

WW2 Communications – snakey
It does all tell of the era, with the flag and the tin hat. Has it been cropped from a larger image that has softened the focus or maybe it is intended to be soft focus to reproduce a sense of age.

She’s mine. NO She’s Mine. – vic cross
Who would think such delicate looking creatures would get so aggressive and talk about disinterested, just look at her chewing grass. Mind the positioning is great for a symmetrical shot and the DOF selected just isolates the subjects from the surroundings so well.

I’m not listening – conexus
Now is that because the listener does not want to get the message, or is the vocalist just a bad singer? I can’t help thinking it looks like and operatic pose with so much feeling and intensity in their expressions. The sepia does seem to tone that intensity, was it too harsh in pure B&W?

Tiny Talking – Daroni
Looks to me as if the conversation is along the lines of “out of my face or a punch on the nose”. A really colourful image, well spotted (no pun intended) and telling a story with all sorts of interpretations.

Mobiles – paulb531
Tagged as a portrait but I think more of a documentary of our electronic age. Three individuals, all in one place, who could be conversing with individuals on three continents, but none actually talking. A splendid record of the texting culture.

Beer Garden - Simonmac
A first, for the type of image I expected most of. With all those people around, you managed to achieve an angle with only one face in view, and that makes it stand out. The other stand out feature is definitely her hand, which combined with her expression convey the idea of a precise instruction being given. Great image.

Call of the Fish Eagle – Noelcmn
I have to admit youtubing the call to get an idea of what is happening and it is very evocative and loud. I suppose I should not be surprised, a raptor that impressive is not going to go “chirp chirp” is it. You have got quite a bit of detail into the bird, particularly the feet, the neck and the red flash. The sky is the sky, and on this occasion I don’t think it’s doing you any favours.

Red Flag Flying – GlymM
I thought we don’t do politics on here, but when I shimmy down the flag pole all is explained. The red flag is a communication for danger, understood the world over. I did wonder if someone would come up with the two flags used in semaphore, but one flag will do just fine.

So finally the results

HC’s to:-She’s mine. NO She’s Mine. – vic cross….Mobiles – paulb531….. I’m not listening – conexus

Third place - No words needed – tyronet2000
Second place - Swan romance – Perspicador
The winner - Beer Garden - Simonmac
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Thanks interesting subject, congrats to simonmac really sharp
Mike Court
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Cracking challenge, and as usual, a wonderful array of interpretations, to delight early on a Monday morning. Congrats Simonmac- quintessential British pub culture captured so very well. Lovely in B/W. Congrats extended to Perspicador and Tyronet2000 and HM's Cic Cross,, Paulb531 and Conexus. Thanks to our host, enjoyable challenge, and appreciated critique. Oh and do be careful about watching Africa stuff on You Tube- you may get bitten by the African bug, and before you know it, I'll be seeing you on our shores


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Congratulations to the Winner and other places. Thanks to Barrie for the interesting subject, the very prompt judging and comprehensive comments. Thanks also for awarding me 3rd place.



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Thank you for judging my photograph to be the winning entry.

And congratulations to the other places and the HCs.

An interesting competition made more so by the range of interpretations.

Thank you Barrie for setting the competition and for your observations.

Now, thinking time........!




Link Posted 10/10/2016 - 09:55
Many thanks Barrie for another great competition.

Congratulations to Simon for a well deserved win with another of his excellent black & white images, the runners up and everyone else for a grand set of photos.



Link Posted 10/10/2016 - 13:29
Congratulations to Simon a worthy winner. Many thanks to Barry for an excellent competition and feedback.




Link Posted 10/10/2016 - 14:32
Admirably adjudicated, and sound competition -and thanks for the placement - Welll done, everybody!
... the best lack all conviction, while the worst
are full of passionate intensity.
W.B Yeats

vic cross

Link Posted 10/10/2016 - 17:11
Congrats to the first 3. It must have been a hard job judging them. Thanks for the HC. I dug it of my archives from 2005. Taken on my *istD with a Sigma 400mm lens.
Now what's Simon going to set??????????????????????????????
PS. I just noticed Cloudscapes. Vic
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