Weekly #481 - All things Bikes and Biking Competition

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Closing Date: 02/10/2016
Judge: Noelcmn

South Africans are celebrating our new Champion Moto3, Brad Binder, the first since 1980. Celebrating that achievement, this weeks challenge is all about Bikes and Biking. Anything to do with bikes, whether kiddies, serious bikes, and bicycles. I shall have to put aside my dislike of motor bikes, and I can't even ride a bicycle, due to a balance problem. Let's see what you've got!
Images can be taken from your archives or specially for this challenge.
The winner is expected to set, comment on and judge the next competition.
The competition closes at midnight BST on Sunday, 2 October 2016.

Good luck.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 09:39
Gratifying to see so many entries, and with such a variety of images. They have all been inspiring and I consider it a privilege, not to mention daunting, task, to review all the submissions. I usually review every image with those 2 standards I usually employ with any image-what does it tell me about the photographer, and what impact does it have on me. As I have said before, photography, is after all a communication tool, like so much else, from my world to your world, with an invitation to come and explore and appreciate. These then are all my subjective thoughts.

Perspicador-My friends Bike-Wonderful opening shot, well composed, though I dare say some prefectionists may niggle about cutting off the lower part of the wheels. Not so for me, I like what has been done here, to enhance the “saddle” and other essentials of a tour bike. Lovely bokeh too. Two things achieved here, one being that I can’t stop wondering what is in those bags and the other, a desire to do a cycle tour- it has great ambiance.
Kh1234567890-Bikes- “Ah, the joys of a more simpler life” is what comes to mind viewing this image, which I suppose, for an urban dweller like me is spot on. Busyish image, loads to absorb. I’m counting the number of bikes, and the rails. And I love that contrast between the resting bikes and that “ever busy” DHL car and as different modes of transport depicted. The latter is made to feel decidedly out of place here. Wonderful composition and I like the angle you have gone for here, others of course would have wanted a frontal image of the bikes but at the expense of losing what I suspect is a deliberate choice of including the buildings and trees in the background. The focus seems to be on the basket on the one bike, which I thought was very acceptable.
Simonmac- You can ring my bell- A wonderful image this is, all lovers of bikes would immediately have warm fuzzy feeling. Beautifully composed, and as with the previous image, buysish, but a very nice busy. Lots to absorb and appreciate, the textures, the repeated patterns, but I’m more impressed with how the focus was handled here, starting with some OOF, to sharp focus (which I am sure is what was intended) and then back to OOF. I doubt if the color version of the image would give such tremendous impact. Great shot!
Bforbes-Mini Moto- Just what I was hoping for-some action shots, and of the best kind. Composition, timing, details and focus is wonderful, especially that you have got such good focus of the facial parts of the rider, and eye contact behind that helmet, which from experience, is not easy. But it is the action that grabs you here- one foot in the air, one knee on the ground, palpable concentration of the young rider and ever so tight grip of the hands. And a wonderful touch to include those feet in the background, would I be amiss in suggesting its dad, anxiously fretting and watching.
Snakey-Classic Honda- Another superb action shot and more speed. Kudos on your panning skills here. Everything else is blurred, with the biker and bike in focus. Well chosen angle, allowing for that superb bits glistening rims and starbursts. An inspirational shot from a skilled photographer. Not as detailed as the previous image, but @135mm, that is to be expected, but sufficient enough to capture the attention. Nice neighbour you have! Hopefully, somewhere along the way, there’ll be a capture of him cleaning his bike.
Andymat-“ard Rock Enduro 2016- Another wonderful action shot. Gritty, determined, hard graft are words that come to mind, communicating just how hard this must have been. Compostion is spot on with a well-chosen angle. Details and action, all accentuated by the panned out background. Focus seems to be on the right arm of the cyclist, but then again, panning shots are, in my experience, a hit and miss affair. And the only image that enjoys a like in this weeks challenge- tells a story!
Johnriley-Biking on guided busway-a more gentle action shot, loaded with enviable lifestyle desires. Love this one, excellent composition, focus, color and details are all spot on. And all is well in the world-a lovely escapist image. Top documentary shot!
JAK-Illuminated Goldwing Parade-Ah the legendary Honda Goldwing here conveyed is a more space-age environment. This could not have been easy, and I think you pulled it off. A bit of a glaring in your face blue and @ ISO 3200, some expected noise and loss of details, having been shot at night. But still enough details, such as the crowd in the background, to make it acceptable. Lovely fun shot, those two were enjoying themselves.
Mag07-Mirror mirror- awesome and enviable PP here. I like this, with only the selfie part and the front wheel in focus Such a lot to explore here, which of course is what mirrors do. A mysterious disappearing fellow behind the self in the background, and a legs passing by. And next to him another with a sling bag (or a Camera perhaps) and all set in motion blur! I do wonder though about that G or @ shaped line just above and to the right above the self. Seems to be a reflection of probably a window display. It is a rather unpleasant distraction in what is a superb piece of photography.
Dromfit-Autoclyclette 1901-Not as interesting? I think not, history is never uninteresting, and this is certainly so. Compositionally well executed, though it is also busyish, but then again, most museum pieces are, and it is difficult to isolate an item from all that is around it. Excellent details too. I like those two gentlemen in the background, they add some notes of mystery. Add to that the thoughts of just how did these things work, and you have a lovely documentary shot.
MikeinDevon-Flower Power Bike- Is that a Ghost Bike? The practice of placing a bike with flowers at a spot where a Cyclist has been killed (or injured) in an accident, usually by a motorist, as a memorial. Started in the USA, and has spread worldwide, and I have captured a few here in South Africa. This is a wonderful shot, full of atmosphere, and if a Ghost Bike, one of sadness. I suspect though that it is not, merely a resting bike. Wonderful composition and details, its crisp enough, the colour is just great, and the two pedestrians in the background is a nice touch. The tight crop works well here to highlight the bike.
Paulb531- Journey’s end-A delightful shot, and like Johnriley’s shot, is loaded with feel good ambiance of innocence and enjoyment. Excellent composition, B/W is so suitable for this. Details are sufficient enough to grab the attention. And notes of mystery- what are those two young ladies looking at. And the tour bags on the bicycles? Postcard image for Dinan? Or one of their tourist brochures?
Michaelblue-Metal Bike- I’m disappointed! You did not try to see if it works? That would have been fun  especially with that wooden plank for a seat. This is a great shot, loaded with details, nicely isolated, in what I suspect is also a museum piece. And suitable colour to enhance the sense of metal. Great story line here, that Bike has seen some action in its life.

1st place- Bforbes-Mini Moto- for a well-executed and detailed shot of a young biker.
2nd spot to Paulb5310-for a feel good postcard image.
3rd-Classic Honda- a superb action shot.
HM’s to MikeinDevon, Mag07 and Simonmac.
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Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 10:59
Thank you Noel for your interesting competition and for your very full commentary on all the entries. Judging is partly a matter of taste and I did not put me in the mix so congratulations to all that took part
Too Old To Die Young
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Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 11:57
Thank you Noel

Your comments are very encouraging and I particularly enjoyed your statement on how you judge.

I love the winning shot- it's the face that makes it for me.

Very well done to the other places and my fellow HMs.

All the best



Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 13:13
Thanks Noel for the competition and comprehensive feedback. Congratulations to Barrie a great action shot.




Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 13:35
Congratulations to the winner! And many thanks for the HM, it's my first.

Your judging method and comments are very thoughful. I'd never heard of ghost bikes, so that really did make me think. I had a look on the web but couldn't find anything about this bike, I hope it's just a piece of street art. But it is a busy traffic light controlled junction... I couldn't have move back any more without going into the road.



Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 15:52
Thanks to the master of ceremonies. Lots of work judging and much appreciated.

I like do like "journey's end" with the parked bikes by Paul...


Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 18:01
Congratulations to the winner and thank you for fantastic judging and kind comments.
As for the photo, the distracting G is in fact part of a shop window
'Photography...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten....' (Aaron Siskind)
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