Weekly # 758 - Tools of the Trade Competition

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Closing Date: 20/03/2022
Judge: garethjmorgan

Anything that people use in their everyday work lives - e.g. a carpenters saw; a writers pen; a photographers camera etc etc
Competition Entries


Link Posted 21/03/2022 - 00:25
I've not been used for a while by Noelcmn – those teeth look extremely sharp still! I like the way that the saw blade is the only part of the image that is in focus – helps to separate it from a slightly busy background. Limited colour palette blends well and the texture on the blade is great.

Got a spanner by Simonmac - Some well used tools! Well exposed and the composition gives context to the image. Harmonious colour range throughout – a very pleasing shot.

Spinning wheel by tyronet2000 – excellent capture of movement in the wheel and nice connection between the spinner and her “tool”. Colour harmony from the lady’s clothing from her top to her socks and through to the wool she is suing works well. Would be tempted to crop some of the top off this image – there is a large “dead” black space in the top left corner that doesn’t need to be there in my opinion.

The daily grind by peterf - Good title and another good image of a tool in use – great sense of action and speed at the heart of the image. The hands are a tad on the bright side which I find a little distracting.

My tools of trade in my workshop by Horst – an intriguing image with lots going on. Acts as both a pattern picture and a story image – begs the questions - what do all these pieces of equipment do? What goes on in this space – really interesting image

The field naturalist's essentials! By drofmit – rather like the pervious image this asks a number of questions which the author has answered in his accompanying narrative and via the title. A busy image that tells a story

By hammer and hand all crafts do stand by Nigelk – a strong image with poetry in its title and impact in the image itself (in every sense of the word). This picture was taken at exactly the right moment capturing all the power and action of the hammer strike. Difficult lighting conditions are handled extremely well. A great environmental portrait / action shot

Safe sax – by davidtrout – Had to look at this image several times before I figured out what was going on. At first, I thought that one of those creative software filters had been applied to create the effect but then I realised it was a straight shot of the saxophonist and his instrument covered in plastic. The saxophone definitely fits my idea of a tool of the trade – great image – would be pleased to have this one in my portfolio.

How green you are by Perspicador – good environmental references with rechargeable tool and the greenhouse being prepared for future use. I think the exposure on the person could have been lifted a bit and could possibly have cropped in a bit to focus on the greenhouse and the person to emphasize the story

Wad punches by davidwozhere – not a tool I’m particularly familiar with so it is good to see the end product included. Good ensemble image which explains exactly what is going on.

Not just a spanner by Rayw – good study of a single tool = strong leading lines and an excellent conversion to black and white. Interesting use of selective focus – usually people would focus on the head of the spanner but picking out the name reinforces the intent of the image. A well-executed image.

A well earned rest by MHOL190246 – nice to see an image with a bit of humour. The repetition of 3 items works well – a good composition. Image is well exposed and the green leaves enhance the feel of the image.

Found it quite hard to choose a winner from this selection but it has to be done.

The WINNER is “By hammer and hand all crafts do stand” by Nigelk

In SECOND place (by a whisker) is “Safe sax” by davidtrout - great image; great story; great title

THIRD is “Not just a spanner” by Rayw – a very good still life study


Link Posted 21/03/2022 - 09:08
Thanks for the rapid judging and comments Gareth and well done to Nigelk on 1st place, that would have been my choice too. Rayw's spanner also deserved its podium place.. Thanks for my 2nd, Now looking forward to Nigel's next challenge.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 21/03/2022 - 09:10
Congratulations to a worthy Winner and well done other places. Good critique from the judge with helpful comments so Thanks to garethjmorgan for an interesting subject and the judging.



Link Posted 21/03/2022 - 13:44
Hey thank you! Glad I logged in. Delighted to have won congratulations to my fellow podium places.
This weeks competition is up and open for entries.


Link Posted 21/03/2022 - 19:42
Thanks for the excellent judging, and I agree completely with the choice of first place


Link Posted 24/03/2022 - 19:02
Congrats Nigel, what a fabulous shot. Just knew that one would win. Worthy winner. Congrats extended to Davidtrout and Rayw. Thanks to our host for the challenge and the C&C's. Always appreciated.
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