Weekly # 725 - Seeds Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 11/07/2021
Judge: Noelcmn

This weeks challenge is Seeds, specifically I am looking for Macro shots of seeds, and I hope a broad enough subject to attract a good number of entries.

The Rules as usual:
1. Only Pentax cameras and acceptable clones.
2.The winner is expected to set, judge and preferably offer some comments/critiques of submissions.
3. You are free to use images from your archives or opt to shoot something specific for this challenge.
4. The challenge closes on Sunday 11 July 2021 at midnight BST.

Good luck
Competition Entries


Link Posted 12/07/2021 - 09:51
Comments to follow later this evening. I'm rather busy at the moment.


Link Posted 12/07/2021 - 19:01
OK, the bangers and mash is ready to be consumed, so the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can sit down to supper. Thank you all for your entries, and as usual, not an easy judging exercise. I continue to be inspired by these weekly and monthly challenges.

Perspicador-Cherries Ė As usual, Perspicador gets us off to a great start, with delectable cherries. Super composition and colors. Tons of appreciable Bokeh to this! For ISO 1600, the noise has been really well handled in PP.

Davidwozhere-Another small miracle- Lovely, a miracle indeed, and certainly takes me back to a childhood sense of wonder. No issues with the composition, and just enough DOF to focus attention on the seed. That bit of leaf top left should be cloned out. And a super use of contrasting colors!

MHOL190246- Cornflower seed- Super shot! Amazing details to this, and at f/11 is quite the feat! Glorious light must have helped, and I canít detect any record of a flash used. Did you use another light source! Composition is spot on, and as with davidwozhere, wonderful use of contrasting colors.

PRYorkshire-Allium seed head- And another wonderful use of contrasting colors, and what glorious pop, like one of those fireworks that sparkle. DOF and composition make for an appealing image.

Michaelblue- Dandelion head- However did you get that? Superb image. I have vision of you sitting with a forceps, gently removing all the other seeds to create this> Once again the DOF is excellent, and the dark background enhances all the elements of the seed head! One for the wall!

Tyronet2000- Gentian Septernfolia- What an interesting image, full of mystery. I am asking the meaning of the No 10, Lower Power? An exhibition? Part of a display? A Collector perhaps? Whatever, it certainly piqued my interest. Nicely composed, ands well worth having a look at this larger, where you will appreciate the textures in this!

Nigelk-brown rice, white rice, risotto rice- I love it! Excellent minimalism shot with contrasts to complement. Nice and sharp, and very good composition, and subtle colors make for an excellent shot!

Vic cross- NUTS Ė We have heaps in common. Iím crazy about nuts, though I confess I have not considered having photographic fun with them. Mostly Iím into peanuts, as the others here are just too expensive for a fun photo shoot. Lovely textures, bright feel-good colors, and composition spot on! Like that pop of green in the overall image!

Jofford-Fox and cubs (pilosella aurantiaca)- And another fine high contrasting image with just the right background to highlight those heads, and superb details. Are those aphids? And spider to the top right? Solid composition and no issues with the colors. Say ďDryĒ so well!

Flan-Onion seeds- WOW! Just look at the details in this image, the DOF is superb! Wonderful Bokeh, especially that blob of red that adds such contrast to the seeds. The square crop works a treat, nicely composed. And sharp! A treat for the eyes, gallery worthy- Art Gallery that is. Brag worthy too! If you donít have it hanging at the entrance to your home, you have done yourself a disservice.

Johnwnjr-parashutes ready- LOL, I like your apt title, they are ready to take off and become the bane of gardeners the world over. Glorious use of light, and that background is wonderful. Sand? Iím thinking Japanese garden? Nicely detailed and B/W works well too! Nice one.

Onto the judging exercise
1st spot to Flan- Superb image!
2nd spot to michaelblue. Much closer than you think for the 1st spot.
3rd spot to davidwozhere- Little miracles is just what we need!

HC to Nigelk.


Link Posted 12/07/2021 - 21:26
Thank you so much Noelcmn for my placing.
Iím over the moon👍
Thank you also , for taking the time for a great summarization of all the entries.
Well done to everyone that entered and to be fair I didnít think for a minute Iíd win.
I hope many of youíre good selfís will enter this weeks competition
Thanks so much


Link Posted 13/07/2021 - 08:14
Well done to Flan, that's a great shot, the red adds that extra element. Many thanks for my second place and for an interesting competition subject.
I blew the seeds off and this one remained so I thought it would make a good shot. All the time setting it up and taking the shot I was expecting the lone seed to fall off, luckily it didn't
My new website:link
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Link Posted 13/07/2021 - 09:19
Congratulations to a worthy winner and well done the other placings. Thanks to Noelcmn for the interesting subject the judging and the critique.



Link Posted 13/07/2021 - 15:10
Another enjoyable competition with a worthy winner. Congratulations to the podium places too


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