Weekly # 619 - Song Titles Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 02/06/2019
Judge: noelm

Keeping it simple just let your image represent a song title. Make sure the title is part of the file name so I don't have to try and guess it.
As usual just Pentax gear or clone thereof and winner to choose next weeks subject
Competition Entries


Link Posted 03/06/2019 - 02:34
Again a small number of entries into this competition which seems to becoming the norm these days.
A fine selection of mainly 'oldies' which could reflect the age of the authors! A surprising number turned out to be some of my old favorites.

1. 'There is a tavern In the town' Perspicador
Yes there is a tavern in this town so it meets the brief. However the blue car in the foreground is a real distraction and blocks 'the way' to the pub. It would have been so easy to have stood to the side of the car and just concentrated on the pub.
2.'Crocodile Rock' EricD1306
Some effort has gone in to creating this 'scarecrow' featuring Elton John on his grand piano and the scene has been well captured apart from the very bland sky which could have been given some detail by burning it in or just cropping it out altogether.
3.'(Baby just let me be) Your Teddy Bear. vic cross.
One of my all time favorites from the early Elvis records. The bear was well caught with plenty of detail in its fur. Could have had a little more detail in the snow. Still can't fathom out how you managed to feed it with chocolate! a braver man than me.
4. 'Bus Stop-The Hollies-1966' GlynM
Yes it's a bus stop and your wife seems content waiting for the bus and having her photograph taken. I would have cropped in tighter to loose that structure on the left hand edge.
5. 'Stairway to Heaven' retsoor
Another old favorite. The staircase has been very well captured and the image very symmetrical but where is 'Heaven'?
6. 'Bridge over Troubled Waters (Simon and Garfunkle) 1970' Ken2390
Yet another old favorite. This shows the river in flood very well, It is just a shame that the lighting wasn't very kind to you.
7. 'Beautiful' Noelcmn
A beautiful portrait of this young lady and as you say the inner beauty shines through. The lighting and conversion to mono has worked very well. There are no distractions to take attention away from the young girl. An excellent shot.
8. 'The Water of Tyne' stephen-s
The colours and reflections make this image. It was taken at just the right time of day to make the most of the scene.

1st. 'Beautiful' Noelcmn. For the mood and feeling that ooze out of this image.
2nd. The Water of Tyne' stephen-s. For the colours and reflections that make the image.
3rd. 'Teddy Bear' vic cross. It is a good shot of the bear.

Every one else can have an HC for their interesting images and taking the trouble to enter the competition.


Link Posted 03/06/2019 - 08:31
Oh dear, now i'm indebted to her . Thanks for the first spot noelm, honoured in what I thought was a pretty competitive challenge. Congrats to my fellow podia placed stephen-s and vic cross and all the other entries. I particularly like the Crocodile Rock- so good for a laugh! Btw. I had to google "pop songs" for a suitable title for my image. I'm not too familiar with current pop songs. But I've got a few tunes now ringing in my ears, a negative result from challenges like this . Thanks for that noelm , the challenge, and judging exercise. I'll have a think about a new challenge and post later today.
Link Posted 03/06/2019 - 19:57
Well done to Noelcmn for an outstanding portrait, as good a portrait as I've seen. You seem to have captured her very soul in that picture. Well done also to Stephen s and vic cross for 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Thanks to noelm for a good subject. I was very interested to see what song titles appeared and how they were interpreted through the photos. There was a good mixture of serious and humour. I couldn't include Heaven in mine as I am barred from such places. That's about as near as I'll ever get


Link Posted 03/06/2019 - 23:53
Well done Noelcmn for the brilliant portrait, its stunning. Many thanks for the second place, your positive comments and setting such an interesting subject.


Link Posted 09/06/2019 - 21:42
It stands to reason that in the case of the weekly competition, it is really quite likely the picture was not taken for the competition but chosen with a particular topic for the competition in mind. To be complaining about a particular aspect of the content of the picture as if this passed for discerning observations is, therefore, a futile exercise and best not indulged in. There, I have had my say. Please take note.
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