Weekly # 487 - The World in Motion Competition

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Closing Date: 13/11/2016
Judge: paulb531

How do we achieve a feeling of motion or movement in a still camera? Do you blur the subject, or blur the background. The subject is wide open just show me how its done.

Usual conditions apply. I look forward to your entries.


Competition Entries


Link Posted 14/11/2016 - 18:20
Weekly#487 Ė The world in Motion
Thank you for entering this weekís competition. The theme of the competition is the world in motion. Not a massive amount of entries but a few of great quality. I must admit I am pleasantly surprised by a few people daring to experiment rather than playing safe.

A good technical photo but does it create a feeling of motion? Both the bird and water are in focus, a good frozen frame image but not the image of movement I am looking for.

Plenty of bluring image here I should say you have created a feeling of motion. The photo itself isnít one that I find particularly pleasing to the eye though.

Coney Island at Night
I think this is an excellent shot I love it. It has got all the features I am looking for. Straight away I go to the exif and find no data recorded. I can see it is a long exposure shot but please tell me more.

A secondís inattention
Blimey I would like some of the stuff you have been sniffing Stan. Unfortunately, itís a little lost on me I just canít make any image out here but am I supposed to? I think this has the feeling of the kingís new clothes - interesting but not a winner.

Dancer Girl
This is a super shot. I can feel the mood and movement here. The face is still while the rest of her body moves. An excellent photo in my opinion very well executed.

I am looking for a rainbow
I think the comments I applied to Stanís shot (A secondís inattention) could be repeated here. I find the overexposed yellow around the edges a bit off putting.

Flying Viking
A great fun shot. Is this one photo Ė there seems to be a lot going off? You seem to have captured a chaotic scene that is vibrant and definite has the feel of movement.

The Millenials
A very clever image - I can only guess how you created this. It does give the feeling of movement but do I find it pleasing to the eye? Iím a bit unconvinced by this one even though I admire your willingness to try something different.

We are ghosts
A very clever image again. Unlike the previous one I like what youíve done. You have created a surreal image full of action that does capture the feeling of movement.

Globe in motion
I feel dizzy as I stare into this image. A clever effect as the middle of the globe is moving more that the top. I perhaps it could have been improved by using a tripod and a slow shutter speed.

A great action shot and I like the composition but it is doesnít capture a feeling of movement Iím afraid.

The Scarborough Spa express and its climb out to Leeds
An interesting shot - I see what you mean the name plate is in focus. Itís a bit of an art to pan and get more of the subject in focus and leave the rest a blur. Nice try but not a winner this time.

Winner: Coney Island at Night by carol8345
Second: Dancer girl By kh234567890
Third: We are ghosts by Johnriley
HC: Flying Viking by JAK

Over to you Carol


Link Posted 14/11/2016 - 18:25
Congratulations to the winner and other places. Thanks to paulb531 for the interesting subject the judging and comprehensive comments.



Link Posted 14/11/2016 - 19:13
Congratulations Carol. My head is spinning! Excellent choice of a winner, such appealing colors! Congrats extended to kh1234567890 and johnriley for the other podium places and the HC, JAK, for that hectic image which I like a lot. Its hilarious! Thanks Paul for the judging and commenting exercise. Much appreciated as usual.


Link Posted 14/11/2016 - 19:26
Thanks for the judging and HC Paul. Well done to the podiums. What a varied and interesting selection of interpretations.
John K


Link Posted 14/11/2016 - 22:49
Great winning shot!



Link Posted 15/11/2016 - 10:05
Thank you for choosing my shot, all of the entries were superb!!! I don't know why my EXIF never shows.

I still consider myself a beginner, Always experimenting with light, color, and movement. This shot was taken from my tripod at about 3 seconds using natural light, I think I posted my other settings.

Congratulations to the other contestants, I loved what you submitted!!

It's 5am here, please give me to after work to come up with a new contest, my head is still fuzzy at this time of the morning.
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