Monthly #92 - Public Parks Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 29/02/2020
Judge: newbiek50user

For this month's competition I'm asking for images taken in public parks which, as always, have to be taken this month with a Pentax camera. The photos can be in colour or black and white.
The winner will be expected to set next months competition and then judge and comment on the entries.
I look forward to seeing your Black and White February 2020.
Best wishes,
Competition Entries


Link Posted 04/03/2020 - 17:15
First of all my apologies to all February's competitors. I totally forgot that I had set a competition. Sorry!
As for my decision for first place, I wish that I could have chosen a tie between "Destination dog bin" and "A kid with attitude". Both instantly brought to mind the kind of parks which I, as a native of Northern England, am familiar. That probably comes across as parochial prejudice. If it does, I apologise.
Choosing simply exemplars of my untutored taste in photographs, I would have picked "Fishing at Florida Lake" or "Abbey Gardens" but neither represented my personal experience of what a public park looks like. Both looked too beautiful to be open to the public. If I am wrong, please forgive the narrowness of my experience.
"Anyone for a picnic" was clearly a public park but I felt that the flooding rather than the park was the subject of the photo.
"Bramhall Hall" and "The River Leen at Springfields" are again fine photographs but I wasn't certain that they were part of public - or any - parks. The Hall seemed to me - as someone unfamiliar with the locality - as more like a building seen from a park. The River Leen, delightfully photographed, could have been anywhere in the world - but not necessarily typical of a public park.
Returning to my first preferences, "A kid with attitude" was typical to me of a park at weekend or during school holidays. "Destination dog bin" pulled me, as a dog walker, straight in. That could have been where I was this morning. That could have been me, with a poop bag fully loaded, on my way to a red dog waste bin at the edge of those trees.
Maybe my reasons are wrong. Maybe I should have chosen as a subject something less difficult to judge.
To davidwozhere and paulb531 congratulations. For me you were both winners. To everyone else, thank you for your entries - all of which were excellent in their own way even if I was the wrong person to decide.


Link Posted 04/03/2020 - 17:58
The course of the River Leen, on its journey through the metropolis of Nottingham does indeed afford valuable public space to its citizens, so you can consider yourself told - not that I consider that has any bearing on the outcome of this competition - Judges make their verdicts with or without checking the accuracy of their snap judgments, so no surprise there, Pleased I am not alone in considering the passage of water across landscapes as the most significant feature of this past February, the wettest February on record.


Link Posted 04/03/2020 - 20:44
Thanks Gerald for setting and judging the competition. None of us are expects and you had to decide on a wide interpretation of what a Public Park looks like. I think your thoughts were pretty much spot on. Well done.


Link Posted 04/03/2020 - 22:02
I see no problem here newbiek50user you had to set and judge the competition, your duties are discharged thank you. Setting and judging is never easy no matter the subject I find. Congratulations to davidwozhere and paulb531.
The Abbey Gardens are very much a Public park, award winning indeed.


Link Posted 05/03/2020 - 01:35
Thank you for the podium Gerald and I sympathise with your dilemma. Ideas of what constitutes a park are hard to reconcile and the lack of entries didn't help you one bit. As a fun aside, that elderly bull terrier heading for the poo bin has a daily mission. The kids have set up a rope swing from a tree and the dog insists on having several goes on it, hanging from his teeth, every day !

Next month's competition: Things that roll
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