Monthly #91 - Black and White Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 31/01/2020
Judge: Nigelk

For this months competition I'm calling for Black and White images.
The photographs can be of any subject matter but must be presented in B&W and as always have to be taken this month with a Pentax camera. The photos can be black and white straight from the camera or converted in post capture software.
The winner will be expected to set next months competition and then judge and comment on the entries.
I look forward to seeing your Black and White January 2020.
Go on, have a go.
Please note to be eligible images have to be taken this month January 2020
Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/02/2020 - 20:59
Thank you all who entered, a harder job to choose a winner than ever. Some real quality photography here.
I've got a very busy weekend so the comments a places will follow in a day or two.
Best regards


Link Posted 02/02/2020 - 09:40
Thank you Nigelk for selecting my image of the skyscrapers. I hadn't expected it to win and, if I hadn't been setting up my new desktop pc, re-setting pinned tabs, I might not have looked to see who had won. As, you say, there was some real competition. Well done to everyone else who entered.


Link Posted 03/02/2020 - 17:12
With out further ado, here are the comments of some bloke on the internet.

Coastal Walk
Love it! I guess this could be a marmite image but,I love the mood and atmosphere.

Yesterdays Lessons
Unknown capture date
Another lovely shot, well handled black and white, that near black sky, filter or PP?

St Michael's Mount
Good composition but, for my taste could do with a little adjustment on the shadows and contrast.

Sherwood Forest
Another good shot, like your thinking. The detail is at the bottom of the image but my eye is drawn up to the brightest area, certainly draws you in.

City of London.....
In the end the winner of the three that for me were vying for the top spot. Really draws the eyes in, the negative space really working to define the buildings yet forming a great shape by itself. Like looking through a three dimensional broken window.

Another beauty, great detail, well controlled shadows and highlights, lovely study.

Variegated Leaves
For me this would be stronger if cropped of the building and branches of another bush to make a pattern/abstract image.

Jaws and its Prey
Well arranged and captured still life, with a little humour thrown in.

Black Five
One for the steam heads. Another very well handled with classic composition shot of this beautiful bit of engineering

Strawberry Splash
Like the thinking for this one, well timed capture but, the action is a little lost behind the dressing and the reflection. I think less would be more for this one.

Wolf Moon
It delivers on the title, a little bit of grain but lots of lovely detail.

Another moody, atmospheric shot. I like it. The juxtaposition between the fallen head stone and the church is well framed, maybe the headstone could be a little darker? Good use of a wide angle.

Well captured moment sadly not eligible as not taken this month

Pismo Beach
Love the balance between light and dark, texture and smooth, creating such a beautiful photograph from what most would not see. Fly in the ointment, the horizon looks a bit off, in an image like this it does show. Still gets 10/10 from me!

Heart of Harley
Another really well done shot. Sadly not taken this month so not eligible.

Old Building in Aruba
Date of capture unknown
I find the tight crop and slight angle of the facade and not quite working for me, a little more contrast would also be nice. The building looks like it is worth a second visit.

Thanks for The Memories
The K1000 my first SLR. A pleasing arrangement with well controlled highlights and shadows and very sharp!

Interesting shot, tough conditions to shoot in. For me it a shame the main central character is a little blurred but, looks like people had good fun.

Llandudno Pier
Classic and classy seascape, beautifully done, it's my other 10/10

Black and White everywhere
Might be my monitor but I'm seeing some colour here. Nice head shots of the two Zebra, well exposed lovely and sharp, good shot.

1st newbiek50user City of London financial district buildings in black and white
2nd kitaoka Pismo Beach
3rd Stevecantlay Llandudno Pier
HC'S to:-
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