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Monthly #73 - Playing with Stencils Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 31/07/2018
Judge: Abe_Normal

Entries to this competition are to be shot within the month of July 2018.

I hope you're all responsible enough to be trusted with scissors and craft knives. Additionally, I hope that all genres of photographer might be able to find a way to submit a valid entry. Finally, I think this may be a good opportunity for kids/grandkids to lend a hand.

Stencils are simply cut out shapes. Edited to add: the stencil part is the hole you cut out; either to see through or to project light through. The exterior card needs to be firm enough that it can be held/mounted in position.
They can be held between the lens and subject to modify reality; made really small to reshape bokeh; change the pattern a flash casts; or bring something into being when illuminated. (see the thread linked below for more detailed suggestions)

I expect the use of a stencil to constitute a major part of your picture. I also expect you to write a couple of lines in the description to explain how it was accomplished. Good luck.

Here is a thread for questions about this competition. If you are unclear, please ask before submitting an entry.

Standard monthly competition rules apply:
Pictures must be taken with a Pentax camera or closely-related clone.
---- Entries must be taken within the month of July 2018. ----
The winner is expected to select the following month's topic and judge the competition, giving comment on each entry.

The competition closes at midnight UK time, 31st July.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/08/2018 - 19:56
The library I was planning to do this from is closed for the week, so rather than delay I'm writing this on a smartphone. Apologies for being extra terse.

Fly by - JohnRiley
Observant to use found stencils, even if positive and I'd have preferred negative. Unlucky with weather which limits the choice of background. Comendable for, having been taken through glass, there are no distracting reflections.

Sunshine and Showers - Nigelk
Inventive use of materials, but probably not managed to capture the dynamic range of the scene - needs something less harsh than the sun as source of highlights? The bottom right corner with flying birds is epic, though.

The Tree - Noelcmn
Precisely the sort of thing I was after. Probably on a smaller scale than I thought possible. Only way to improve it would be for change in colour/shade towards tips of branches.

Winner: Noelcmn
Second: Nigelk (for capturing live birds)
Third: Johnriley


Link Posted 02/08/2018 - 10:03
Oh dear! More Work ! Thank you, that is surprising. I did try for some bokeh stuff, but the earing is just too small for that. Disappointing number of entries, though I confess a difficult technique to master. Congrats and kudo to NigelK and Johnriley for rising to the challenge. And of course thanks to Abe_Normal for the challenge and CC's. I'll have something new up later today.


Link Posted 02/08/2018 - 17:40
Noelcmn wrote:
Disappointing number of entries

Yes, but 100% were shot on Pentax equipment and in the month of July. So there's that...
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