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Monthly #70 - From A -Z Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 30/04/2018
Judge: Noelcmn

Once again, in the hope of attracting more entries to the Monthly Challenge, for the Month of April, submissions are requested for images that start with any letter of the Alphabet. Hopefully that will be about 26 . I am tempted to add the proviso that you must enter an image starting with a letter of the Alphabet that has not been entered previously, but I suspect that will be too limiting, so I will leave that one open to multiple letters, but will request that an attempt should at least be made to submit a different alphabet letter, to enhance the creativity and variety. Some letters are much more popular that others, flowers come to mind, water is another. light can be included in that group. You are of course welcome to utilise other alphabets such as Greek or Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese or Australian . Not forgetting sign language too. I look forward to your submissions.

Usual rules:
Images must be taken in the month of April.
Pentax Camera and/or clones only.
Winner is expected to set, judge and comment on submissions.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 06/04/2018 - 15:18
Please check and rectify the closing date for this monthly competition. Thank you.


Link Posted 01/05/2018 - 10:03
Well, I guess 11 entries is a definite improvement on last months Monthly challenge, and I am gratified with all the entries. All within the rules of the game, as it were, and as usual, a wonderful array of skill and interpretations for this challenge. As usual, these are my thoughts, with the usual caveat that I apply to judging exercises like this- what impact does the image have on me the viewer, and what does it tell me about the photographer! Well done to all.

Daffodil - Perspicador As usual, the first entry is from Perspicador, and a delightful one to kick start high quality submissions. Super DOF on this macro shot, warm appealing colours and composition spot on, with minimal background that can so often distract from the main subject!

Bluetit nest building - Newbiek50user Well, that will appeal to me, as do all bird pics. A busyish image, though Id guess that getting close with a 200mm lens? is a challenge in any birding situation. Still, enough here to appreciate, the full beak of the bird with nesting material is very nice, as are the colors and composition. ISO 800 I find too noisy at best, but you have managed to control that very well here. Keep at it!

M is for Millipede - Davidwozhere Excellent shot, beautiful delineation of the Millipede amid all that strands of roots or whatever. Colours are ever so appealing, composition spot on, and some amazing details, right down to those pin sized eyes. Im sure if I had the inclination, Id be able to count those legs. Contender for sure!

Writing - Ken2390-LOL, that brought a smile and some nostalgia to light. Back in the day when I started working, manual typewriters were the order of the day, and these were the words used to test all the letters after a service. And I had wondered if someone was going to post one of those images that has an object starting with every letter of the alphabet- this one will do thank you! Nice documentary shot, simple, concise, sharp with pleasant colour rendition too. Id bet my bottom dollar that there are few among us that did not check that every letter of the alphabet was there! Now, if the only criteria was that it evoked a reaction from the viewer, this would win hands down, Would have been better if it was in a typewriter imho.

The Moon- SteveCoburn That I am envious would be putting it mildly, this is wonderful, excellent details, composition and colour spot on. Congrats on your new acquisition, and this image portends well for your foray into Astrophotography!

Bee and Blossom - JAK- Had little doubt that this fellow would make an appearance, as is the case with flowers, which I mentioned in my brief. Well spotted, well timed in getting just a titbit of the eye showing. No matter the popularity of this subject, they are difficult to capture. Beautiful pinks and stunning bokeh to boot! And selective focusing has brought out some excellent details on the bee itself! Well done! A dust spot below should really have been removed.

K is for Kitchen GlynM- Another envy inducing image, too good to be true . Excellent sir, wonderful details, glorious light, fantastic range of colours and tones, stunning composition(despite the cutting off of the tables legs in the forefront but that would be nit picking), and my eye is roving all over this image, absorbing all that there is to see, but no breakfast . Domestic bliss! Now if only my kitchen was this orderly! A lovely warm, homely inviting image.

I is for Ice Cream MikeinDevon- Ah! Kids! Always a challenge, and as someone said on another Forum- you never know what can happen. Love the angle you chose here, just enough of the face showing to pique interest, and of course all the letters of the alphabet adding to the educational note. Sharp where necessary, and as with Ken2390s image, draws a reaction to check all the puzzle pieces are there and match the shapes where they belong. Not sure about the colour rendition of the arms, possibly some white balance correction there.

Bulbous Bottomed Bee Bombs Bountifu Blossom Blowup! Dromfit Well, all those Bs will make up for the breakfast I missed in GlynMs image . Super shot, super bokeh, super colours and composition too. Whites very well handled here, and the Bee pops beautifully into the almost monochrome image. Wonderful details on the flowers. I daresay some critics would cry foul that the bee is not facing the camera-forget the critics.

Log, Burnt Coker OOOH- Awesome! Breath-taking even. Simply cannot believe that you have taken something as simple as this and turned it into a piece of exquisite art. Stunning details, stunning composition, B/W is just so suitable to this subject. That it is in the form of a boot (reminded me of the old nursery rhyme) is all the more intriguing. Beautiful minimalist with wonderful tonal range in this image. Skilled photographer.

P is for Pistol-Johnriley And another OOOH emanating from me for this awesome shot. So incredibly detailed, composition is awesome (though it could do with a slight tilt) and wonderful range of colours and symmetry is just wonderful. Excellent documentary shot, and Im tempted to add that castle to my bucket list of places to visit, even if just to see this.

1st place to Coker for that awesome image of a burnt log! Just plain excellent!
2nd place, and only just pipped by Coker, goes to Johnriley for that Pistol image.
3rd spot to GlynM, for that wonderful kitchen shot, despite that there is no breakfast!

HMs to SteveCoburn for his Moon shot, and Davidwozhere for his Millipede shot.

That concludes my duties for the month, thank you all, and its over to Coker.


Link Posted 01/05/2018 - 14:07
Thanks to Noel, for the setting, smooth running & very prompt judging of April's comp.
Thank, too, to all fellow entrants for your wide range of interpretations of the theme. I always find it fascinating, the different ways we see the same subject, & then capture it to express our individual thoughts.

And to all who don't enter the competitions, I would encourage you all to enter, get some constructive comments on your image.

You never know, you might even win!

IT's good fun!

The more I look, the more there is to see!


Link Posted 01/05/2018 - 18:43
Many thanks Noel for a great competition. I loved the way the theme was constructed. We have had discussions in the past about whether it is more advantageous to post an entry at the start or end of one of these competitions and your competition created the potential of an extra element along those lines.

Many thanks also for the third place .
Noelcmn wrote:

... despite that there is no breakfast!

It was 11am as shown by the clock. We are early starters, breakfast well over but lunch not yet cooking .

Congratulations to Roger for the well deserved win, John for second place, those awarded HCs and everyone else for stepping up to the challenge.

Last Edited by GlynM on 01/05/2018 - 18:57
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