Monthly #121 - Double Exposure Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 31/07/2022
Judge: MikeInDevon

I've seen some great examples of the techniques, though I've not had much success myself! So I'd be fascinated to see your results.
I used the 'in camera' facility of my K50 though you can also use post processing to merge two photos.
Please give me as much information on the method you used etc. as you can.

There are some great examples on the web, here's a couple of links to some information:

Your submission MUST be taken this Month, July 2022, and MUST have been taken using a Pentax/Ricoh camera.
EXIF data should be included, however if this is lost in post processing please put the date of the image in your comments.

Best of luck!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 02/07/2022 - 19:12
Mike I think your competition needs rescuing from a premature closing date! I hope someone is on hand to perform such an act of mercy this early in the competition


Link Posted 02/07/2022 - 21:17
Thanks Perspicador I hadn't noticed! I have messaged the Pentax User Team and asked them to fix this for me!

The actual closing time/date will be midnight on 31st. July 2022



Link Posted 01/08/2022 - 23:23
Well a small number of entries but still plenty to think about.

Fris=Poppy by Perspicador

Well you have set me a puzzle. What does Fris mean? Itís not a word Iíve ever come across before, a quick web search ensues. Wiktionary suggests a couple of meanings: 1. fresh, refreshing; 2. cool, chilly. And Poppy I know of as a wild flower. How does this relate to the image? I struggle, the image is made up of two parts the greater part to me looks like a Convolvulus flower as often found growing in our hedgerows, so not a Poppy. Anyhow be that as it may be the flower has been isolated in a solid white background. The smaller inset part of this image is the top of a tree behind a street light. Clearly work in progress, the technicalities of Elements has beaten you, I know I also struggle with Ďlayersí, but your K50 can do in camera multiple exposures (I know this because I to use an ageing K50) which Iím sure youíd have found much easier, perhaps you could give that a try! And how did you manage to upload your entry twice, I thought that would be impossible but there you go. Iíd be interested to hear the concept that you were working on, thanks for your entry.

Ilfracombe from two angles by RayW
You say this was your first attempt, well for a first attempt Iíd say this is pretty successful. At first glance itís not obviously a double exposure but it most definitely is. The castle looks believable with itís faded look giving a strong distance cue behind the closer tiered buildings of Ilfracombe. And all done in camera, well worth the effort. Well done!

The Mantra Man by Noelcmn
The eyes make this an arresting image, we are so drawn to eyes. I like the way the basketís weave merges in and out of the portrait and even echoes the wavy pattern on the headwear. Also the basket weave pattern makes a connection with Mandalas and Yantras which fits in very nicely with the origin of the portrait Batik, a man vocalising a pray Mantra. Well thought out, an intriguing composite image.

seaside sleepers by acpic
This entry made me laugh, always a good start! Two giants have taken over Weymouth beach. Itís strange how the in camera processing has merged the two images, i.e. in general rather washed out but just the odd place where the wider background scene dominates. Makes me wonder whether youíd ticked the ĎAuto EV Adjustmentí box in the ĎMulti-exposureí menu, assuming your K-70 is like my K-50, as that seems to work better for me. Checking the EXIF date/time data says 2022-06-20 14:34:14, which if correct means the image wasnít taken this July, so has to be ruled out, sorry,

Blurring in Motion by Spad
Well Iím a sucker for B&W and I like your composition with the dominating road sign, plus a very nice use of a fish eye lens. If you hadnít said how youíd made this image Iíd have just thought it was a single shot with a slow shutter speed. You showed great patience waiting for the second car and it paid off, well done.

A Walk in the Park by Nigelk
Two humans walk heedlessly towards a giant ghost tree breaking free of a forest, spooky! I like this, I Iike the way the colours and textures have merged harmoniously, nice.

Many thanks to you all for taking the time and making the effort for me. I think your results show the both the challenges and potential of this type of technique. Plus itís always good to try new things and ideas and combinations you just never know what it can lead to, so keep trying. My instant take away from this is that in camera looks to be the way to go, it seems much quicker and easier than post processing, but I guess if you are a whizz at post processing (Iím not!) that would help!

So now the difficult part, whoís the winner?

Well itís close as I like different images for different reason, but here goes:

1st The Mantra Man by Noelcmn, an eye catching resulting image.

2nd Blurring in Motion by Spad, like I said not an obvious double exposure but I just rather liked your resulting image.

Joint 3rd A Walk in the Park by Nigelk and Ilfracombe from two angles by RayW, both pretty successful results.

And the remaining entries get a special mention for being up for a rather difficult challenge, so thank you all for taking part.

Thatís me all done, so now itís over to you Noelcmn.


Link Posted 03/08/2022 - 20:39
Well thank you very much, not bad for a first time attempt at in-camera double exposure. Congrats Spad and Nigelk and RayW. Thanks MikeinDevon, solid challenge, albeit that we had to get out of our comfort zones for this one. Apologies for this late response, I'll have a new challenge up shortly.
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