Monthly #108 - Trees Competition

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Closing Date: 30/06/2021
Judge: MHOL190246

As summer is here and we (hopefully) start getting some seasonal weather trees will be coming into leaf and producing flower, fruit etc. What I am looking for is some interesting images of all aspects of trees - ranging from close ups of specific elements of trees through to trees in all their glory. Images must be taken this month and with Pentax equipment or clones thereof. Good Luck and looking forward to some inspiring images

Please remember images for this competition must be shot in June 2021.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 16/06/2021 - 16:40
Shot taken some years ago with my then workhorse Pentax PZ 1 on negative film.


Link Posted 01/07/2021 - 07:35
Winner NigelK After Rain

2nd Place Jeffmsc Lliw Reservoir

3rd jrutle Cascade’s log

HC Noelcmn Reflecting on trees

NigelK – After the Rain a very atmospheric scene with the misty conditions serve to emphasise the almost monochrome trees in the foreground. The light in the middle ground enhances the whole image.

Noelcmn – Reflecting on Trees the reflections of both sky and the line of trees provides a very pleasing landscape. Sharp and vibrant images contribute to the overall pleasing nature of a rather tranquil scene.

Graham7117 – Happy Oak this is certainly a variation on a theme with the bottom of the tree being used for artwork?? Use of the portrait format does take us upwards and I do like the contrast of the green leaves against a blue sky.

Jofford – Lakeside Trees an interesting approach with the trees very nicely reflected in the lake. The monochrome effect works well with some interesting contrast between the trunks and the foliage. I particularly like the disturbance on the water which tends to emphasise the trees.

Loadoftripe – Coastal Weathered a nice image of a tree affected by coastal weathering. The foreground out of focus colour to the right of the shot, which I imagine is flowers, does detract from the overall image. That said, I do like the way that the tree appears.

MogensB - Vinderød Forrest A nice shot of trees in full leaf showing some variation in the colour ‘green.’ The trees and their leaves form a pleasing, but not impenetrable, barrier with great use of light and depth of field to show the trees in all of their glory.

Perspicador – Hinterland of Trees What a lovely setting with the cottage flanked by trees and a mass of greenery in the form of trees. Is the gentleman, seated on the bench the occupant? Whatever, he seems reflective or certainly enjoying the view across Oban Bay. A lovely, tranquil shot

Jeffmsc LLiw Reservoir.: The dead tree flanked by its neighbours in full leaf. I particularly like the dead branches reaching skyward with the subtleness of the cloud and clear sky tending to emphasise the bare trunk and boughs.

PRYorkshire Bark Detail. I am a great fan of looking upwards with tree photography and this rendering of bark certainly hits the spot. The conversion to monochrome accentuates the bark texture extremely well.

Jrutle – Cascade’s Nurse Log I like the way in which the fallen tree is covered in moss with the trees and undergrowth reflected in the water. The lighting is subtle, and I can almost smell the damp conditions. It is a well-balanced shot which exudes tranquility.

Walkeja – Tree on a Green Background of other trees as any tree photographer will know, defining the greenness of leaves is a challenge, for what exactly is green? This is a very clever image using the darker and slightly lighter leaves on the background, to highlight the subject to excellent effect.

MackemGeorge – Just off the River Tees This image makes nice use of dappled light to highlight the lichen and algae on the tree trunks. The water fall and river add to the overall feeling of tranquillity. Nicely exposed

Ineligible images due to being captured pre-June 1st, 2021, as per competition rules.
ConDaoultzis – Twin Trees Embracing
Dwight-Morton – Using an old toy lens
Shaman – Blossom in Regents Park
Vic Cross – Hurricane Damage


Link Posted 01/07/2021 - 10:05
Thank you for my win Michael and congratulations to my fellow podium places and other entrants.
You've caught me on the hop! Thinking hat on
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