Monthly #105 - Water in the Landscape Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 31/03/2021
Judge: PRYorkshire

Realising that we are still restricted to local travel for exercise I am looking for any image of water in the landscape, be it a pond, stream, river, lake or sea. The water needs to be the main point of interest but should also include its setting in the local landscape.

As usual photos need to be taken with Pentax, or clone, cameras and must be taken during the month of March 2021. Please ensure that EXIF data shows when the photo was taken.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions.

Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/04/2021 - 08:04
It never ceases to amaze me the quality of the entries in the Monthly competition, particularly given the restrictions we are under and that people have to make an effort to get out and about to find a suitable subject. As per the title “Water in the Landscape” I was looking to see water in some form as the main feature but also showing its setting in the landscape and this is ably demonstrated by the entries. My comments are purely my opinions on how the entry has met the brief and what I see as its qualities in order to select a winner.

Banburgh Beach by HazyJ – Regrettably as this was taken in 2018 then cannot be considered for this Month’s competition.

Lansalson Pit, Wheal Martyn by mikeprotts – a well composed image with water as the main subject so nicely fits this month’s brief. The sky is slightly overexposed due to the time of day and sun going down casting the lake and tress into shadow.

Big Sky Country by Nigelk – a very, nice view of the Norfolk Broads with plenty of foreground interest in the reeds, interesting sky and clouds reflected in the water and then your eye is drawn to the white buildings on the horizon. An image that the more you look at it the more you are drawn into the picture and the more you see. Very hard to fault.

Weir on River Arrow at Alcester by Johnwnjr – another image that perfectly fits the brief with water as the main subject and showing the surrounding landscape. I like the trees on the far bank and their reflection in the water and the way the water is drawing your eye around the bend in the river.

Wings above Mill Lakes by Perspicador – a nice shot of 2 birds coming into land on the lake with 2 other geese on the water. The use of a 300mm lens has foreshortened the image and you have quite rightly focussed on the 2 birds coming into land. However this has resulted in a lot of the image being out of focus, including most of the water which is the subject of the competition.

Sutton Mill Dam St Helens, Merseyside by newbiek50user – The water of the mill dam and its surroundings in the landscape exactly meet the brief. This again is one of those images that you need to spend some time looking at. There are the ripples on the water to the left disturbing the reflections of the trees and the view down the lake. The time of day and cloudy sky has made bringing out the colours difficult.

View across the River Mersey by Graham 717 – an interesting image showing the 2 jet skis against the industrial landscape on the far bank of the Mersey. I’m not sure what post processing has been used to keep the colour in the jet skis but wash out the river and give the bluish, almost cyanotype processing of the industrial landscape. The horizon sloping to the left should be corrected but I actually think that a shot of just the river and industry on the far bank given the cyanotype processing would make a very good image.

Rainbow on Waterfall by ConDaoultzis - Regrettably as this was also taken in 2018 then cannot be considered for this Month’s competition.

Twilight on Chesterfield Canal by jofford – a great, well composed image of the sun going down over the canal. Again there is plenty to see in the image, the reflections in the water drawing your eye into the image and this lead in further enhanced by the line of the path and then you suddenly spot the Mallard on the bank to the left and then study the detail in the clouds. The use of the 24mm lens on the K1 has resulted in great depth of field, the image being sharp from front to back.

Dune lake breaking into Atlantic by jrutle – an image that would make an interesting piece of artwork. I can’t decide what, if any, post processing has been carried out as the bird on the lower left and the blue band at the edge of the brown water have a strange appearance. However as an artistic image of the sea with the different bands of colour it has a lot going for it.

Florida Lake by Noelcmn – another great water shot with a setting sun and clouds reflected in the waters of lake. Focussing and exposure is spot on with just enough detail on the shoreline to draw your eye into the photo.

Hayburn Wyke Waterfall by JAK – a well composed shot of the waterfall with the shutter speed slow enough to show the falling water such that you can almost hear the splash of the falls. I like the composition which has met the brief exactly by showing the waterfall and using the surrounding rocks to show the interaction of the water with the landscape.

What's become of the Old Swimming Hole? By drofmit – yet another very nice shot of a river flowing through the countryside. The image is nicely framed by the trees and the river leads our view downstream to the bridge with the water flowing over the rocks adding a nice dynamic to the scene.

Regrettably there can only be one winner and after much deliberation I have decided on the following placings:-

1st Place – Twilight on Chesterfield Canal by jofford

2nd Place – Big Sky Country by Nigelk

As I can separate the following then 3rd Place is shared between –
Florida Lake by Noelcmn,
Hayburn Wyke Waterfall by JAK
What's become of the Old Swimming Hole? By drofmit,
Weir on River Arrow at Alcester by Johnwnjr

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Link Posted 01/04/2021 - 09:35
Thank you for the 'win' Paul. Very proud given the quality of other images in the competition.Thank you for the prompt, encouraging and constructive judging. I hope to be able to follow your example and will set the next monthly competition later today.


Link Posted 01/04/2021 - 18:52
Thank you for the 3rd=.... I do not envy you the judging and thanks for the comp.
Given the quality, I think you probably breathed a sigh of relief that a couple had ruled themselves out.
Congrats to jofford and, lets face it.... everyone else!!
Have a Happy Easter, everyone....
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