Woods Point

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A gold-mining village / ghost town from the mid-1800s.
K5 with DA*50-135, hand held. Post in LR5.

The 'Rules': Better thought of as conventions, and merely a description of good ways to create images - not necessarily the best and certainly not the only way on every occasion. That's why they can be 'broken'.

In this instance, there is a diagonal leading line consisting of the steps hewn into the hill-side, continued by the handrail to near the bottom left corner of the image. There is also a series / pattern in the image, being the terraces behind the miner's hut. Thus, while it abides with some conventions, it doesn't necessarily break any either (except the rule of thirds)... or does it...?

The hut and terraces have been part of this landscape since I first visited Woods Point over the Easter weekend in 1975. This particular mine has its entrance concealed behind a timber palisade on the lower right. In front of that stands a metal dolly which would have been used on rails to run ore and spoil out of the adit.
12/07/2017 - 04:38i-Berg
CategoryLandscape / Travel
Shutter Speed1/20
Focal Length50mm
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