by cbrog

I was trying out my new K3 today on the local insect life when I heard the sound of an approaching Merlin. Unfortunately the K3 was on the tripod at the time (and the anti-shake was off) but I just had time to snatch the camera when this appeared over the trees and banked across the garden.. Because it was so close the AF locked on instantly and I got a reasonable shot. Somebody in the neighbourhood had obviously hired the plane for a private display which lasted about ten minutes and was very local, very low and VERY noisy
I managed to get another 42 shots and learned an unwelcome lesson - namely, that the Pentax AF seems largely incapable of tracking and locking-on close fast moving aircraft. The above photo is the only one worthy of being retained, all of the rest are to some extent or other out of focus in spite of being well in frame....the poor old Sigma (macro) spent most of the time juddering back and forth trying to lock on.

That apart....the sound of that awesome bellowing howling Merlin, sends shivers down my spine. Like many of my generation I get a little emotional at the sound of that engine on full chat.
Uploaded07/04/2017 - 20:14
Shutter Speed1/800
Focal Length105mm

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