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Winter Issue 4 2001 contents

The Copse - Local field tips

Pat Jerrold found himself his own nature reserve and has spent two years taking picture of the fauna and flora there.

Spot metering explained

How to make use of spot metering for difficult lighting or high contrast subjects.

Two articles on portraiture

Ross Smythe uses natural light for people pictures - and does it all from a 12foot square bedroom studio.

Sales & wants

The place for used Pentax gear - and it's free to advertise

Pictures from a Microlight

Dorothy Hollamby used her Pentax to document an epic 19 day microlight flight across Australia from Perth to Queensland.

Colour Gallery

Six readers see their work in print and collect a pack of ten Fujicolour Superia.

Local Groups

And something about the Asahi Optical Historical Club.


Accessories, books, and other photo products we can offer on mail order.

Self Portraits

The many faces of Bart Kent - and how he took them himself.

Photo Travellers

Destinations planned for 2002 include South Africa, Norway, Cyprus, Portugal, Greenland and Namibia.

Flash on Pentax

Four pages on the range of Pentax flashguns - and how to use them both indoors and out.

Red Deer

David Robinson pictures these magnificent animals