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Spring Issue 1 2009 contents

Macro Photography

Matt Grayson looks at the world of macro photography for Pentax photographers.

Extension tube review

Peter Bargh looks at a budget set of extension tubes for Pentax SLRs.

Pentax K-m Review

Matt Grayson checks out the new entry level DSLR to see if it's worthy of the Pentax name.

Food Photography

Choosing the right ingredients to make the perfect food based picture with Marco Bernardini.

Slide duplicating

Roy Hampson finds that the digital alternative to slide duplicating can open up new creative doors.

Student film maker

Matt Schley likes nothing more than taking pictures with his K1000 film camera and spending hours in the darkroom.

Church interior exposure

Tim Watkinson shows us how to use a compact digital camera creatively to get realistic shots of building interiors where the brightest and darkest areas are too much for the CCD's sensitivity.

Landscape gear

Put on your walking shoes, pick up your camera and head off to the countryside with Craig Roberts, who's here to help you make the most of your landscape adventure.
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Every picture printed in the Gallery wins the FaceFilter 2 program worth £30.