Monthly #83 - Materials both Light AND Dark


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You need to find a material (or similar pair) that is both Light and Dark coloured at the same time. Black and white is the obvious colour combination and commonly found in the animal kingdom: cats, dogs, cows, magpies, zebras, etc.

You are not restricted to black & white, it needs to contain (at least) two colours that differ strongly in tone. It does not need to be a single item.

By material, I am thinking anything with a discernible texture, such as animal fur or a fabric. I wish to exclude things that are both flat and shiny (like linoleum or glazed tiles) or very shiny (snooker balls). Also excluded is using heavy shadow to create a dark area in a single material.

The material does not need to be the sole feature of the image, but it should have a strong presence; ie. it does not need to be an extreme close-up, however the challenge is to retain texture in both the light and dark areas.

(It would be kind of the more practiced photographers if they included a few words on how they realized their entry, for the benefit of the less advanced).

If you feel you have a question, this link leads to a thread where you can ask. I am restricted in how I can answer there (the convention is for the judge not to post once the first entry has been submitted), so if in doubt, ask early.

Standard 'Monthly Competition' rules apply:
Pictures must be taken with a Pentax camera or closely-related clone.
The winner is expected to select the following month's topic and judge the competition, giving comment on each entry.
---- Entries must be taken within the month of May 2019. ----

The competition closes at midnight UK time, 31st May.

Things that might help get it right in camera:
Avoid direct (sun)light as this accentuates contrast, try to diffuse it.
Use a polarising filter to reduce glare from bright areas.
Consider in-camera HDR (particularly if you are using a tripod) with an interval of 2 EV.

Things that might help in post-processing:
Shoot RAW as it retains the most shadow and highlight detail.
HDR techniques can be applied to single images to extract that detail.
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