Shoot, then focus?


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It is very interesting, and the interactive gallery is amazing.
If my eyesight gets any worse I want one of them.


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Ingenious concept. I've read the scientific small print. It appears that the trade-off with this technology is an inevitable loss of sharpness.
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Yes I noticed that in the shot's that you can manipulate. If you click here you can click on the part of the image you want in focus.
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Was reading a very similar amounement article recently. Beside the complete new way of capturing images, I wonder how the very unusual haptic will influence the way you take a picture. For me, one of the biggest advantages of a DSLR compared to a high class compact camera is the view finder shooting combined with a certain weight and size of the body, that let's me concentrate very much on the photo. With compact cameras, you look at the monitor but at the same time you are distracted by all the other things around you (well - at last, I have this effect ). The body of this camera is very unusual and the monitor rather small - might be a bit more tricky to get a good composition (especially when what you want to focus on is the DOF). But I also would love to try one of those .......

Colors are the lack of darkness

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This is very interesting technology. However, if you read the inventor's treatise, you will see that it requires a 100mp sensor to give an 1800x1200px image which in turn needs a huge amount of software manipulation to make the IQ acceptable.

Taking nothing away from it but it's a heavy price to pay for the ability to choose where you wanted to focus after the event.
Not to mention that there are no 100mp sensors available yet even in medium format to give a 2.2mp image.

If you want a 16mp image resolution to output, you'll be needing a (100/2.2)x16 = 720mp sensor to do it. If you don't want to take moving subjects, take a dozen images moving focus slightly and put them together using Photoshop image stacking. It's the same thing.

Or how about focus bracketing instead of exposure bracketing?
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Interesting technology but they need better software as, from what I've seen so far, you can't change depth of field so everything is in focus, or part is completely blurred. Just select which bit you want in focus.
I won't be hanging up my SLR's just yet........
.........all the gear, no idea!
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