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I would love some comments regarding the sharpness of the photos below. I'm starting getting paranoid: I don't find that my photo's has the amount of sharpness that I would like. I know there can be so many reasons for that, and I'm trying to eliminate as many as possible. First I blamed my kit lens, but I don't find pictures taken with 35 Limited remarkably sharper, so if anybody would like to comment on this, it would be much appreciated!
Pictures taken using tripod, SR off and MF. PP: Levels and contrast!

Hmm.. How do I attach the photos?

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Hmm.. How do I attach the photos?

First you will need a flickr, photbucket, or similar site to upload your photos.

Then you can paste the links into this thread.

This should explain in greater detail

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Hope this works!

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IMGP5089 - 2012-04-23 at 16-12-42 by JohnDinitzen, on Flickr Like this John, what part of this did you focus on? Have you processed the image ie,sharpend or cropped it ? nice bricks ... jeff...


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Its difficult to comment on such a small image, you don't mention applying PP sharpening.

Instructions for posting images are here: link
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I focused spot on center wall, no post sharpening.
It looks sharp like this, but when I zoom 100% it really doesn't look sharp to me - but I'm just not shire what to expect.
Is there any other way to post images, higher res.?

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All digital images arte slightly soft before some sharpening is applied. Viewing at 100% is quite a large size, so perhaps you expect something that you won't get. The image as shown on screen certainly looks sharp enough, although as Ken says it's hard to deduce much from that.

Do you images when viewed at normal distances look sharp? If so, don't worry.
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If you printed the whole 100% image full size it would end up as a pretty huge poster. But seen from a normal viewing distance it would look fine.
If you look at posters on hoardings or railway stations close up all you see is lots of dots. Viewing 100% is like trying to view the grain on a film slide or negative; that wouldn't look too good either!

Your full size image looks just fine. I can even see the tulips are about to come out!

John K
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I tried to look at your pictures but ran into a brick wall

But seriously, you mention manual focus. Before you check anything else you need to ensure your camera is focusing correctly or at least you have the dioptre adjustment correct, point the camera at an evenly lit blank surface and adjust the dioptre till the focus grid appears sharp, even if the camera is working 100% using it's own AF you won't be able to focus manually if the dioptre adjustment is off.

if that fails refer to the previous replies
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Thanks for the kind replies.
I have adjusted the dioptre, and worked with pp sharpening, and it certainly improved overall sharpness - feeling relieved that I seem to be the main problem, and not the camera Now I just need of fix the wall.
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