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Well I just got back from walking the dogs on the beach this morning , and blow me two guys in a UPS van turned up with my new MX-1 two days early ... battery on charge... waiting ... first impresions , it feels very nice in my hand and I can't wait to get out with it .....jeff....


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It's great, I carry mine everywhere.
Best regards, John


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johnriley wrote:
It's great, I carry mine everywhere.


Pentax K1ii, K3, MX-1.
Pentax LX, Pentax MX, Pentax ME Super & Pentax MV.
"Old Skool" with the new!


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johnriley wrote:
It's great, I carry mine everywhere.

Me too.



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Yeah well I like it ,it's very light ,don't make much noise, fits in me jacket pocket , gonna take a bit of getting used too . I' ve never used a camera without a view finder . Never had a camera phone .
I've got to learn a new way of composing , I like the big tilting screen and compared to the K100 it is almost state of the art . twice the mega pixels to start with.
The menu is laid out in a logical way but there is just so much more stuff on it compared to the K100... ( and it has a green mode whatever thats for ) I'm a bit scared to show it to my old film MX ...jeff...


Link Posted 01/03/2014 - 23:51
I'm struggling to improve on the Green Mode. Does a very good job of capturing those snap-shot moments.

I've recently been using the video mode a lot, filming my wife singing in low light conditions. It's a damn sight better at video than my Canon video camera, that cost the same as the MX-1!

Love my MX-1. Looks great and feels awesome to use.

I considered starting a thread of my own to give my thoughts but seems pointless now that they have been discontinued.

Sometimes I'm serious and sometimes not, but I consider sarcasm an artform. Which is it today?


Link Posted 02/03/2014 - 08:24
I've not tried it in green mode yet ..I just put it in AV like the K100 . I'll stick in green mode today when I take the dogs down the beach.... I'm still not very good at framing the shot so the scene looks balanced ..and I so often pick it up and put it to my eye ...Steve. I'm sure other folk with a MX-1 might like to hear your thoughts....jeff....


Link Posted 07/03/2014 - 10:13
Gravelrash wrote:

I considered starting a thread of my own to give my thoughts but seems pointless now that they have been discontinued.

Not at all. Discontinued products don't suddenly stop functioning in the hands of those who already own one
Besides, they're still available for sale all over the place.
I've had mine for around 6 months, I'm always blown away by the IQ.
I generally use Av for stills. Like Steve I'm also impressed with the video. Sure it doesn't have the manual control of a K-01, but there's enough control with picture style to get a nice clean result that you can work well with in post. I also prefer SR off, AF off and I lock exposure.
I wish the K-01 had it's tilting LCD, it's so handy on the MX-1..
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