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Real Name: Duncan Joint
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Interests: Photography - Motorcycles - Classic Mercedes

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Posted 19/01/2010 - 23:24 Link
hey duncan if you are ever down plymouth way pop in for a cuppa and a chat .. would be good to talk to someone with a pentax ..I am fed up with canon and nikon users lol.. A lot of them seem to have a "Superiority" complex.. Such a shame the photos they take often lose against mine in local competitions lol.. I think the only reason you ever see nikon or canon prize winners in comps is because we are outnumbered so those brands ARE more likely to be nearer the top
Pentax K7 and K5 and several black tubey things with magnifying glass in that twist around and move in and out - to be honest I am not sure exactly what I have. Will list the proper names one day..
Posted 29/01/2010 - 19:42 Link
Hi Pete,
Yeah - Next time I have to go to Plymouth i'll give you a shout! My sister lives there and the wifey also works in the City.
I too feel the same way about the Nikonistas etc - I have been a loyal Pentaxian since the late seventies and have never felt the need or desire to defect to the darker side!
Your photographs are well good by the way!
Ours is a simples life - Vot could possibles go wrong!
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