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RAW processing
Posted in Pentax Digital SLRs
Nasty piece of software with a very bad reputation..... You might as well install a virus..... see linkThe info about the DRM at the start of this linked thread is two years old. Is this still relevant?
RAW processing
Posted in Pentax Digital SLRs
I don't know what PDCU is, perhaps others also don't? I never open the software CDs supplied with digital cameras. I switched from Adobe RAW developers to Silkypix a few years ago because the quality at that time was so much better that Adobe's offerings. I now use Silkypix Pro with Pentax and Sony cameras. Bibble is also said to be very good and there are several others. I thought a version of Silkypix was delivered with the K5. If this is the case you could search the web for "Silkypix Tutorials".
Pentax M42 4/17mm Fish-Eye on flea-bay
Posted in Lenses for Pentax Cameras
I use my 17 mm fish eye on a full frame Kodak SLR/c with a Canon EOS mount and an M42 adaptor. It works well, but I agree it is little use on a Pentax digital camera. It is about the only thing I use full frame for. Tony