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Posted 27/06/2013 - 07:55 Link
I looked at your Portfolio and Flickr site as you use the same cameras as I have: K20 and particularly the Pentax 750Z. I thought that you have a very fine display of photographs. Although the 750Z isn't in the same league as a DSLR I find it a remarkable camera. I have just put a church window stained glass on the gallery which was hand held with it. You are the first person I have come across with one! It slips into the pocket so conveniently. John
Posted 22/08/2013 - 12:16 Link
Thanks John. I still use my 750z regularly and find that it turns out remarkable images which seem to have a wide dynamic range and lovely tones. It's a bit slow when you're used to a dslr, but the quality of its lens is superb. I don't suppose there's that many still in regular use!
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