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Saving and Storing photos
Posted in Pentax Digital SLRs
I use PS Elements 7.0 and shoot in RAWs only (I can see a lot of benefits of using these in all conditions, but maybe it's just me being funny). When post-processed I save final JPEGs and original RAWs in the same catalogue under their original number. I know which catalogue has what theme in it, so it's easy to locate the picture. I use flickr for browsing and finding the numbers as well. Regards, Adrian
Hello from Italy
Posted in Just Joined?
Bon giorno :-) (I've now used a half of my Italian vocabulary) and welcome! I hope to see some of your pictures in the gallery. I have a K10D too and love it to bits! :-)
tips for choosing ISO speed...
Posted in Troubleshooter
Personally I use the lowest ISO I can (and I use manual settings for 99% of pictures...). I find the dynamic range better and it gives me much more flexibility in developing the RAWs afterwards. Grain can be a lovely thing, chosen correctly it creates the more "analogue" effect - I often add grain to simulate films I used to shoot with. But with digital cameras I prefer when I do it, not the camera, hence the low ISOs. Regarding your birds - I also found out that high speed shutters freeze the movement and often make the picture boring and static. Try lower speeds and panning to give them more dynamics - maybe you'll manage to blur the tips of the wings only for instance and this way the picture will be much more appealing and energetic. What do you think of this one or this one ?
Pentax Photo Gallery
Posted in Troubleshooter
Aha! Thanks a lot guys! That's very helpful. I didn't know they judge whether the picture is worth publishing. I'll try with my account again, thanks again! Adrian
Pentax Photo Gallery
Posted in Troubleshooter
Hello, I tried to get the response in a thread relating to the subject some time ago, but didn't so I thought I'd create a new topic. Do you know how a user can create an account in the Pentax Photo Gallery? ( I sent them a message, but received no response and I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to wait to be chosen or I have to submit samples of my work somewhere? I presume the latter as one of the threads said so, but they've never got back to me, so I'm not sure whether it's how the system works, perhaps you do? I would much appreciate your assistance. With very best regards, Adrian
Pentax Photo Gallery Acceptance
Posted in Your Photos
Hello, I'm sorry if this sounds obvious. I'm relatively new to the subject. I wonder how I can create a profile at ""? I sent them a message with a sort of covering letter about a week ago and have never received a response. I couldn't find a link to create one on my own either. Perhaps some of you might know? Many thanks, Adrian
elinchrom el skyport radio slaves
Posted in Flash Photography
Hello, I tried not to create a new topic, this is why I'm refreshing this one, I hope you can help as it's related. I have the trigger and I'm very happy with it when I use a studio strobe (Calumet Genesis), but I can't make it work with my portable Sigma EF 530 DG. I'm not sure whether it's the compatibility issue or if it's me doing something wrong with the configuration. I mount the Sigma flash on a hot-shoe adapter (Hama and made in Germany, not the cheapest available from e-bay) on the tripod and I connect the hot-shoe adapter to a trigger with a PC to "mini-jack" cable. I checked the hot shoe adapter and it works fine the other way round (fires the studio strobe via the hot-shoe to mini jack cable when I put the adapter on the camera). I'm wondering whether it should fire the flash mounted on it, at least theoretically, when it receives the impulse from the PC plug. As I said, the other way round it is OK. Sorry if this sounds complicated :-/ And thank you! Adrian