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1. All photographs submitted to the Pentax User galleries are subject to review. We reserve the right to reject any photo as we see fit. Any photographs that we consider to be objectionable will be deleted.
Reason for possible deletion includes abusive, obscene, slanderous, threatening, pornographic and law breaking images. In using the Gallery you agree not to post any of the above objectionable images. Doing so may lead to you being banned from our site and your service provider being informed.

2. Copyright of the image remains the property of the photographer.

3. All images must be original and belong to the person uploading, unless the photo is a composite and uses some elements of other people's images but only when you have been authorised by the copyright owner to edit and upload the new version.

4. You agree to accept all liability for the legality of content you submit and will not hold Magezine Publishing Ltd responsible for any damages that result.

5. You should not use Pentax User as a storage point for your images and ensure you have a duplicate version off site. Every effort is made to provide a stable and permanent website, but if unforseen problems wipe out our content users have no right to demand anything of Magezine Publishing Ltd.

6. You acknowledge that you have sufficient written permission of any recognisable models or other persons appearing in the photograph to be able to grant Pentax User the right to publish your photographic submission online and hereby grant us such right. If we are contacted by a subject of one of your photos asking for it to be removed we will do so.

7. By uploading to the normal Gallery, you are allowing us to publish the photo on Pentax User. If we ever consider publishing your photo in any print media or on another website owned by Magezine Publishing Ltd we will contact you for permission.

8. All photos displayed in the Pentax User Gallery are open for other members to comment and critique. We have a wide range of personalities and abilities, so please accept comments and views of other members without retaliation if you don't agree.

9. We will remove or edit any generally objectionable comments as quickly as possible, but it is impossible to review every comment. If you see any objectionable comments you can report them using the "Report errors or abuse here" link at the bottom of the page.

10. Comments posted to the gallery are the views and opinions of the members and not the Pentax User team, unless posted by these people. We will not be held liable for comments made by members.

11. You agree to any photographs or comments you have entered being stored in our database. This information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent but we cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

12. Photographs displayed in the Gallery cannot be used by anyone without the permision of the copyright holder. Please see copyright and liability terms & conditions for full details.

13. Although Magezine Publishing Ltd takes reasonable precautions to preserve and protect any material you upload or submit, this service should not be solely relied upon. You should keep backup copies of any material you have uploaded.

14. We reserve the right to edit gallery comments that include links to other web sites when we think the link is not appropriate and could affect our business or reputation.

15. Please do not use the gallery to link to your profile or website as a self promotional tool. If a member wants to view your profile they can do so simply by clicking on your user name, if you want them to visit your website you can put a link to it in your profile.

16. Excerpts of e-mails or private messages will be removed. E-mails and private messages are generally meant for the recipient only and should not be posted or discussed on Pentax User. If you have an issue with any of the e-mail's Pentax User or an Pentax User member of staff have sent, please contact one of the team.

17. Pentax User moderators views and comments do not always reflect the opinions of Pentax User.

18. Any discussion of moderator actions, or actions of Pentax User staff on the Pentax website, may at our discretion, be removed. However, we always welcome dialogue about such actions via e-mail.

19. Signatures in gallery or forum postings, may only contain your name. Any other information, such as quotes or URLs will be edited by our moderators or one of the Pentax User team. The proper place for this information is on your portfolio page.

20. There should be no forms of advertising on images submitted to the gallery or they risk being removed.

21. Your personal profile should contain only information about you. A web site tab is provided to enable members to add their own web site address. No other web site or advertising should be in your personal profile, including links to off site galleries in direct competition with Pentax User.

22. Your personal profile picture and portfolio header must not contain any advertising material without the prior consent of Pentax User.

23. When an image is deleted from the gallery, we keep the image on our server. You can request that this be totally deleted by contacting our office.

You should be aware that Pentax User operates a warning and banning system. Members breaking the T&Cs may be subject to this system and failure to comply with a warning may result in a ban.

This disclaimer was last updated on 23/05/2018