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Cokin Fluo Red Grad Filter A665Cokin Fluo Red Grad Filter A665 - £5.00

The Cokin Fluo Red Grad filter is perfect for creative landscape photography. Use one to add a vivid colour to your sky without all the faffing around on the computer. Or try using one to colour half a portrait format shot. Slide it into the Cokin A-series holder and move it up or down to get the gradient on the horizon.

If you use one of these on a film camera make sure you warn the lab that you've used it to prevent them compensating to remove the bright colour.

Cokin A series filters can be used on any film and digital camera, using an A series holder. The filter slots into the holder and the holder attaches to your lens using an adaptor ring. Rings are available in sizes from 36mm to 62mm.

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