Pentax Optio E40 Digital Camera Review

SNAP SHOT REVIEW - Matt Grayson gives the lowdown on the Pentax Optio E40. A small, light camera designed for the happy snapper.

12/12/2007 - 14:17

The 'E' range of cameras from Pentax are easy to use, compact and light. The E40 fits the brief perfectly.

Pentax Optio E40Pentax Optio E40 Specification

  • 8.1Mp effective
  • 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom
  • Face Recognition AutoFocus & AutoExposure function
  • Digital SR (Shake Reduction)
  • Auto Picture mode for the best settings for the conditions
  • Compatible with a wide range of available AA batteries
  • Green mode for automated setup

Designed with the happy snapper in mind, the Pentax E40 has a Green mode to let the camera do absolutely everything. The 8Mp resolution will allow prints to be enlarged easily to A4 and the Shake reduction will ensure they are sharp.

The Pentax Optio E40 takes AA batteries which have been notorious in the past for running down quickly, but that problem has been addressed in modern cameras and as well as power saving technology, batteries are more durable today.

Face recognition is a program in the camera that will look for a face and automatically focus on it. Additionally, the E40 will expose on it, too. This means that the face will be exposed correctly, but everything else may be too dark or bright.

Suitable for: People pics, nights out,

What the other sites are saying:
Trusted Reviews:
"For a rock-bottom price the Pentax Optio E40 offers good build quality, elegant design and a surprisingly complete set of features."

Digital Camera Review:"The Pentax Optio E40 comes fairly equipped and for a good price."

CNET: "Its performance is on a par with, or betters, some 8 megapixel models costing twice as much."


Pentax Optio E40 Our Verdict
For the technophobe, someone new to photography or those who just want the camera to do it all for them, then this will do a fine job. If you want more creative control, then look for something else.


The Pentax Optio E40 costs around £89 and is available in the ePHOTOzine shop here.


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