Wheres me glasses

by Flan

Inspired by Nigelk, this is my first multiple exposure since my film days.
I went with a period look in editing and i enjoyed it even if i know not why
Uploaded29/11/2022 - 15:56
CategoryBlack & White
Shutter Speed1/40
Focal Length50mm

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A 4D world compressed down to 2D.

Works for me.

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Thanks Giulio. i wasn't too sure to be sure, probably meh, for most.
Thanks MikeinDevon, I do not possess the skill that others have in the edit room but still learning as well at the same time and this rendition was intentional
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Oh and forgot to add too you, Giulio an Mike that my new purchase of an ET epson 8550 printer is on the way, after having clicked and then proceeded to the end. after many, many, months of research with the help of Keith Cooper and Jose Rodriguez on Youtube , Top blokes if you just want to print from home
My eyesight is not what it used to be but i love looking at printed photographs
Hopefully this will enable myself to recognise where the focus lies.
The final journey so to speak, is the printed photos by ones self and a journey i am looking forward too immensely.
Im aware of icc profiles and all of the jargon and its ink dye based and not pigment but A3 plus and refillable with 70 ml bottles , rather than cartridges that have chips built in at a much higher cost.
"I am so excited an i just will not hide it, i know i know"
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Best of luck with the printer, the large refillable tanks sounds a good idea especially if the ink cost is reasonable and the inks really 'light' colour fast.

My experience of printers has been rather mixed over the years. In the last century I splashed out on a well reviewed Canon A3 photo printer which had loads of cartridges. The printer wasn't cheap and the photo inks cost a fortune but it did print well, that was until the inkjets blocked and couldn't be easily replaced. So I rather gave up on home photo printing until this century when I bought a decent Canon (again) A4 photo printer/scanner/copier. This worked well, the Canon inks were very expensive, cheap non-Canon ink cartridges worked but the inks were not colour fast and faded with sunlight so were a waste of time. Then after several later Windows versions Canon didn't update the printer's driver software so it became obsolete despite being perfectly functional, very annoying. As we need to have some sort of printer I gave in and bought yet another Canon A4 printer/scanner/copier which again works well, though their inks are very expensive. What seems to waste a lot of ink is the printer's initialisation process each time you turn it on, it just seems to gobble up the ink. So if you can print photos etc. in bigger batches that seems to help a lot to make the most of the ink supply. Rather puts me off of home printing, maybe I'll try one of the online printing services.

Best regards
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Thanks for responding Mike and i understand about the negative side of home printing.
From what i can gather, the Canon printers be it Pro 100, 200 ,300 and Pro 1000 have a thermal printer head that heats the dye ink or the pigment based ink on the 300 and 1000 on dispersal.
This tech seems to actuate many nozzle and cleaning cycles checks by the printer and hence using a lot of expensive cartridge ink in the cleaning itself process especially when not used regularly ( once a week nozzle check seems to do the trick)
The modern Epson printers are different as its lay down of ink is cold from the printer head and requiring less cleaning cycles not that one doesn't have to keep it in use regularly.
It is this single reason that i have chosen the Epson ET 8550 because not only of the A3plus size capability but the refillable ink tanks at less than 20 quid a pop and still produces exceptional results by all accounts.
I hope my Christmas present is everything I dreamed of
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Nothing to say about printers, but I like the jittery feeling your multiple generates. Keep em coming Flan.

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