pencil pines

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taken a few years back. The pencil pines are a bit blurry due to a K5 focus defect at the time but llghtroom managed to fix it up to make the image half decent i think
16/06/2015 - 11:32mattox
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Nice, might also work in B&W


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A good result. I like vivid but at same time soft tones of this tuscan landscape. This group of pine-trees many many ya lived alone in the middle of that hill (along Cassia motor road between Montalcino Torrenieri and San Quirico d'orcia. South of Siena). A few years later the owner added trees on far right...Disturbing IMHO....and if you visit that area take note that in the opposite side of this hill the compo (that is pine trees on right and hill)is different and not beautiful as this "scene". Another reason to cut or to burn ()other trees at right. It is time to solve this far action we could ask for help of GodFather Don Vito Corleone and his Consigliori(Tom Hagen)...well I'm joking and this is a very beautiful photo. I like centarl compo. It gives back peace, order and quiet as the emotions you tested many ya visiting this place.


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More than half decent, I think. Giulio's manor and very nice too.
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Always nice when someone can comment from a local's point of view - nice image too
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A quiet grandeur in this study of sylvan sentinels, set amongst a rustically manicured pastoral idyll. Elegant bucolic charm.


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the trees in the far distance are necessary - nice
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bwlchmawr wrote:
More than half decent, I think. Giulio's manor and very nice too.

..I would like to be the owner of that well as us all (good wine Brunello!!!)


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I don't normally like matching format to scene, despite having done it myself on occasions, but this has worked very well!

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