Big red bus

by beebee

Did submit this to the weekly comp - but had to withdraw it as I will be away. Had some lovely comments from GlynM - thank you for the PM
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A mighty clever idea.

Best wishes,


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Just for the record as it was a shame to loose it from the competition and because I thought is was such a good entry, here are my comments from the judging:

beebee Big Red Bus

I think this is a wonderful shot. Here we have a group of school children upstairs on an old-ish double-decker bus. The children are framed and viewed via the convex mirror in a corner of the roof that is used to allow the conductor to view the upper deck. I think we can also see a window handle which emphasises the age of the bus.

It is a very well thought out shot and must have required some clever camera positioning as well as the co-operation of your subjects. Quite often I have problems with bright red subjects but here I think the focus and exposure are perfect. Not only do you have reflections in the mirror but there are also some interesting, soft, reflections in the roof of the bus.

This excellent picture well meets the criteria for this competition and also contains some of the hardest subjects to photograph people. I like it very much, very well done.

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That is so kind Glyn - it's moments like this that makes me want to go out and try something new. There are so many talented people out there, I know I shouldn't measure myself against them BUT .....
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