St. Nickoles Coal Breaker

St. Nickoles Coal Breaker

by Corker2211

As some of you might have noticed, I have allot of interest in the History that is or around my area. I just love to go "snooping around" with my Pentax at different locations that have a Historical value to it.

The above Image is of the old, abandoned Coal Breaker that once used to process raw coal from the Mines, and send it on it's way to a demanding Nation. It was a rather spooky place to walk around in. Junk left over and "holes" in the ground were something that I had to be careful of. Also, the wind blowing thru the old structure made a strange sound that always had me looking around. It once employed more than 300 Miners to keep the Coal process in production. Now, no longer used, the Breaker just fades away into History.
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Strange that it won't enlarge! Creepy place but it makes a great subject.

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pauljay wrote:
Strange that it won't enlarge! Creepy place but it makes a great subject.

Why this Image does not enlarge, is not known to me. It really was a creepy place to explore. I never knew what I'd run into. The large black spot on the top of the Breaker is a large hole. Just how it got that way, I'm not really sure of. Tried to enter the old Breaker, but was not a good idea. It was pitch black inside and very hard to see your way around. I elected to stay out!

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