Snow in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton

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Not to sure if I am understanding the composition rules for photography yet, but any feedback, I would be grateful for......
06/12/2010 - 10:53jcb101
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Nice capture of a winter wonderland scene
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It's a good start One thing I would point out - normally in a shot like this you would try and include a focal point which is often something interesting in the foreground, and hopefully it leads the viewer's eye to something interesting in the background. The foreground thing could be anything, a boulder, a tree, a post box, even the ground will do the trick sometimes if it is even remotely interesting (for instance a cobbled street, or in this case a snow-covered staircase ).

In my opinion the problem here is that you've actually got two photos, separated by the lamppost in the middle. On either side of it you've got a decent shot, on the left the stairs leading up to the illuminated tree, and on the right the road leading to that sign.

PS you will get more critical feedback if you post in the 'Your Photos' section, not in this Gallery section (which tends to be more of a sharing forum, not a critique forum)
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Hi Justin

Tim has given some very sound advice as usual. The only point I may slightly disagree with is I think you have one photo here - to the left of the lamp post. To me - to the right of the lamp post does not work in it's own right. There is a shot there but I think you should have been stood further to the right to get it.

So what does this prove? mainly that there is always an element open to personal preference.

The best advice I can offer you Justin is be guided by the rules but do not be 'ruled' by them - the rules offer sound advice especially when you are starting out - but never be afriad to experiment - some of the best images ever taken (IMHO) ignore virtually every rule in the book.

As Tim says - better to post in the my photos section of the forum if you want honest critiques - and I would just add - never be afraid to post and ask questions - I have never seen anything other than genuine and constructive cristism, encouragement and advice here which for me has helped me massively over the past few months

Most importantly - enjoy your photography!

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