The Reality of the World ?

by Grodgeman

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If by that you mean this world may be hell, my personal opinion is: leave out the question mark. Though some hells are a little more "comfy"/"uncomfy" than others, compared to our source/destination, hells they all are. As for the picture, love it.
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Still trying to figure out what an egg box is doing in there? Do they make omelettes in hell?
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A lot of things and, generally, a lot of what is going on is inspired by, comes from, is made in, and goes (back) there.
Omlettes are OK, but the egg has hefty symbolic or metaphoric value as origin, totality, etc.
An egg—self contained, self-sufficient and full of promise (of something)—is so easily broken and the content scrambled.
Break open the shell, feed yourself on the innards, forget any potential, obtain immediate transitory satisfaction—and screw the future!
Humans rather like scrambled eggs and the foretaste of the cuddly warmth and confusion of there…
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