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Seeing Cliff-P's pic of steam loco 'Tornado' the other day made me wonder if it was the same spot as pictured here but looking in the opposite direction (I think it is Old Alder Lane, Cliff? The grey box next to the first gantry is a give-away).

This is a shot of preserved diesel D1015 heading south through Winwick (near Warrington), back to Swindon on 4th August 2007.

The loco is from a class known as "Westerns" because they worked exclusively on the Western region, from London Paddington to Devon/Cornwall and South Wales. They were very rare in other parts of the country and all were taken out of service by 1977.
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Saw all 74 of these locos when it service - yes used to trainspot! Many were spotted on the London - Bristol line near where I grew up


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That is correct Peter the bridge is on Old Alder lane, I have taken quite a few shots from down there since electrification so as to get below the wires!.

In my younger days I used to cycle up to Winwick bridge to train spot up on that bridge, the traffic then would have been Britannia s, black fives/eights and 9f`s with the odd Jubilee thrown in.

The old Vulcan foundry is just visible in the background of your shot Peter, batches of new diesel locos would come out of there en-rout for Crewe or Derby, if only I had a proper camera back then

Nice capture Peter, loved the the Westerns but unfortunately didn't see many of them!.

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I only visited that location once Cliff, when I lived in Stockport. I wouldn't have minded a view from the field edge but I didn't know if "the farmer" was friendly!

You didn't mention Duchesses but I suppose the diesels had replaced them on long distance trains. You made it sound like the wires went up recently but it must have been 1974 or before?

Thank you for your comments and Andy too. Hope the shot brought back fond memories of younger days.

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Interesting shot Peter. I'm no fan of diesels but as always the Great Western did things differently to other regions, they tried using diesel hydraulic power, as in the example in your picture, instead of diesel electric.
The Vulcan Foundry turned out hundreds of steam locos in the old days, including many WD freight engines.



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Nice colours and composition, well taken shot.
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Ha ha! My '52' has had 52 views. The trainspotters will be creased up.

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