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My Grandma Had one of these. The wood wayworn as smooth as a babies bottom, pardon the pun. Every week a local farmer would come round an empty, he would then spread it on his fields. Health and Safety would have a field day nowadays. I was very restricted in regards of the angle and proximity, would have liked a more detail shot.
17/04/2016 - 15:46Teaka53
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The first primary school I went to did not have flushing toilets! The situation was very similar to what is pictured and describe. I prefer things as they are now.

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A "nice" gritty image.
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Many thanks to you both, appreciated as always


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Brings back memories - although of an example in slightly better condition
There was also a nail with sheets of torn up newsprint impaled on it - I can still recall the revelation and my childhood amazement when I first met a roll of Izal with "Government Property" printed on every sheet
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