Royal Scot

by davidtrout

Steam was in action again this week on the newly opened Borders Railway linking Edinburgh with Tweedbank. This time rebuilt Royal Scot class express loco Royal Scot ran the sell out tour covering the route twice in the day.
K3+DA*200mm lens
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Original moment...out of the tunnel!!!
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A fine sight, David.
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Nice shot - makes it look as if it is travelling very fast
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davidwozhere wrote:
Nice shot - makes it look as if it is travelling very fast

It wasn't, it was slowing for a signal stop. This is a huge crop. I spotted this tunnel mouth on a previous trip to the Borders Railway and planned a location where I could get a clear view, quite a long way off. I had hoped for it bursting out in clouds of steam and smoke but as it was slowing power was off and this section of track is on the downgrade.
Good day out. The drive from Durham to the Scottish Borders on he A68 is sensational, right up Northumberland and over the border at Carterbar. I can't think of a more scenic drive outside Snowdonia or the North West Highlands.
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