temporarily abandoned in the garden

by davidwozhere

I got hold of an expired roll of film recently so I put it in my Spotmatic. This is one of the results
Uploaded27/12/2016 - 23:14
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Posted 30/12/2016 - 04:26 Link
Really nice. Nothing like film and old cameras.
"In a photographic context I don't like the use of the word 'shot' as where I live this word refers to an extreme act of violence and not the beautiful craft of photography"
Posted 02/01/2017 - 02:11 Link
nocturnal wrote:
Really nice. Nothing like film and old cameras.

I totally agree. Though I love the flexible control I have in pp with digital, it just, thus far, does't compare in warmth and depth of character that the one an only film image gives.

Thanks for the throwback moment! 😊
Cheers...Donna 😊
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