A Two 'Horse' race

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White horses rush into the harbour at Hartland Quay

K50 +DA18-135
19/11/2016 - 20:41PeterKR
CategoryLandscape / Travel
Shutter Speed1/160
Focal Length100mm


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Pentax K10D, 18-55+ Digital King 0.7x, 50mm, 16-50mm DA*


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Who won ??


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That's a fine view of the amazing rock formations at Hartland Quay. I remember looking at the savage stone 'teeth' running out to sea at Hartland, and thinking of sailors who might have been drifting onto them in an onshore gale. Even in sunny weather they seem threatening.
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Great stretch of coast.
Best wishes,


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tommyt wrote:
Who won ??

It was a 'Photo finish' of course (sorry)

Many thanks for all the comments.

This is one place I just have to visit whenever we are in North Devon and one of those place where bad weather makes for even better shots !
On this occasion it was a nice day so the 'horses' were more like ponies - but when the wind gets up.......WOW.

Thanks again


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My money was on the nearest one to me, must stick to the gee-gees in future !!
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