After the rain

by Carol8345

I was also inspired by Bill Ward and took this same shot at about 6 different shutter speeds. Out of the 6 I like this one the best. I wanted to find a stationary object to show the the power of the water, but the water was running so fast all there was was nothing
Uploaded25/01/2017 - 00:44
CategoryLandscape / Travel
Shutter Speed1/20
Focal Length200mm

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Nicely captured, I like the two different directions of water travel, works well.
I personally would probably crop the very top dark strip of the image off which makes it a bit more abstract, but looks good as is.
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Nice one. I like this more then the other Not sure if it's my eye sight (it's not too great surprisingly haha) but it seems a bit out of focus. The eyes can't settle on anything. Otherwise, very cool.
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Lovely composition, great colours too, it is a very attractive image.

The only slight thing I can add to Mag07's observation is that it is slightly over-exposed, which results in a loss of detail (white-out) on the brightest areas of water. This is something that is difficult to avoid when shooting water, my advice would be to consciously under-expose the image by at least 2/3 of a stop and probably more in some situations to avoid any risk of burn-out. The resulting image, if carefully processed, will retain much more detail in the water, which is critical for making it look realistic and to convey the effect of movement.

Hope this is useful!


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