Rearranging the dandelions (Goldfinch)

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Another from the Camel Trail.
To start with the goldfinch seemed to rearrange some stalks to provide a place to stand, then opened one dandelion to pick fresh seeds, then moved to an already open dandelion for some more.
This one from the middle of the set at:
25/04/2017 - 20:53mikeprotts
CategoryWildlife / Nature
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Link Posted 26/04/2017 - 01:24
I didn't know they ate dandelion seeds. Thank you for the education.
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Link Posted 27/04/2017 - 10:01
Nice photo, I think I seen a two pair of these yesterday. The bullfinches look similar except more bulked, is this right? I'll try and photograph them.

I wish they would pull the dandelions out by the roots to save me doing it! 😎
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