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Im not a landscaper, but I went up to the lakes on Sunday with my camera club, to give it a try. It was a foggy morning. And I wanted to do something with a plain ish sky. Ive never used filters before so this was an interesting experience. I know you can use coloured gradients in photoshop and the like but I wanted to try an in camera shot. I really liked this when I first took it. But now after looking at it for a day or two i'm not so sure it works. What do you think ? Do I need to make changes ?
10/02/2015 - 09:09stub
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Not for me, I think it is stunning

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No need at all, s superb shot.


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"I'm not a landscaper"...are you joking???? This is a cracker


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Change it from pixels to paper, put it on a wall - except the allocates, do more, please,- thanks, t
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Someone's got to make trouble haven't they I don't like the colour filter over just the sky leaving a bluish lake. For preference I'd 'colour cast' it all to the ochre/sepia tint.

But I have to say it's essentially a gorgeous scene, those temp. inversions that occur on the lakes are hard to resist.
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Getting a bit of fog in this, or any Lake district location is a real stroke of good fortune. Good landscape photography is a long journey, and that filter effect is a speed bump and not what your looking for (in a wider genre sense - fine if you personally really like it), a conversion to B&W might save this particular shot though?
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Quite an excellent capture.
However, for me personally, I'd like to see the sky a bit less pink 'cos the pink is not reflected in the water?
Best Regards, Larry.

All the gear & no idea.


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GIULIO57 wrote:
"I'm not a landscaper"...are you joking???? This is a cracker



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Yes I think your right guys. The orange has to go....lol
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Not a landscape artist? Whose leg are you trying to pull? It's a super shot.
I think Larry hit it on the head regarding the mismatched reflections but that by no means damages the result. It just gives room for debate.
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That low misty cloud is awesome!
Cheers...Donna 😊


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In a word - magical!!

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Great shot. Nice location.

Personally I find the filter a bit too 'Top Gear'. I think you've got more control of the outcome by applying a coloured filter in PP.

I can see the point of a ND grad where you've got movement and need to capture everything in a single shot, otherwise I'd also be inclined to implement in PP as a fade between bracketed shots.

I only use a filter for slowing expsoure times and polarising (not that I've had much success with either!).
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Thanks you may be right with your comments. I don't really do landscapes that often. So when a friend offered me the filter. Well you just have to use it don't you ! I have to agree it is a little aggressive. But different I find..
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