Me aged about 4

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This one follows from Nuri's early picture of himself, posted a day or so back.
You would think I recalled this toy? Not a bit of it although I do have a memory of a rusting wheel from it that I found in the garden many years later! On the other hand, I do remember those huge delphiniums.
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Thank you for mentioning it, but I'll make a correction, my name is Nezih, not Nuri. However, as the great bard says: "What's in a name?"
I am glad that my image provoked you to work on this one of yours. The result is wonderful.
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... and how cute were you, what a shame that little truck wasn't saved!
Kind regards Maria


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How lovely. Good delphiniums: they knew how to garden in Edwardian times (!)
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Sorry Nezih. I realised my error in an aeroplane half way across the Atlantic yesterday! This is the first access I have had to a computer since then. I hope you HAVE started something because there must be a lot of interesting images out there.
(And it is nice that Andrew has respect for both of our ages)
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