The Dog's Favourite Ball

by davidstorm

Daisy, our Tibetan Terrier loves this ball. I spotted it sitting in our hallway, in front of the basket where the dog had gone to bed and thought it made a good test subject for my beautiful new SMC K55 F1.8 lens that arrived today.

The camera was on the floor, balanced on the lens cap to lift the front up slightly and held steady by my hand, for a 4 second exposure.

K-5IIs, SMC Pentax K55mm F1.8
Uploaded14/03/2013 - 23:43
CategoryPets / Captive animals
Shutter Speed4 sec
Focal Length55mm

Posted 14/03/2013 - 23:55 Link
Now you are just rubing it in about getting a new lens
Timbo (Tars)
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Posted 15/03/2013 - 00:17 Link
Tars wrote:
Now you are just rubing it in about getting a new lens

What do you think about the IQ Timbo? This lens has blown me away already and I've only just had a quick play with it tonight. Best 37.50 I've ever spent I reckon!


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Posted 15/03/2013 - 08:04 Link
Wow David, great shot great lens and great price too...I want one!!!! best wishes Trixie

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