What happens when the bar tender go's of duty

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WhIle photographing a wedding on September 2nd the bartender took her leave for the night. This is when it got interesting. The bar became a free for all, the bridesmaids were the first to take it over! This picture is no where near perfect but it is perfect to me because of the conditions in which I took it. It was very low artificial lighting on top of movement. I shot it with a 50mm f1.4 3200 ISO on my K70.
09/09/2017 - 06:57BraydenBise
CategoryHumour / Fun
Shutter Speed1/15
Focal Length35mm


Link Posted 09/09/2017 - 13:57
I think you achieved what you wanted, maybe not the sharpest as you said but you captured the moment..well done.
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