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Located in the city of Bath Cleveland Pools was an open air swimming pool built around 1815. In 1827 the pool was supposedly purchased by my four times great grandfather, the Reverend Race Godfrey, for 350 but negotiations must have been somewhat protracted as nobody had realised that he had died in 1821! Presumably it was actually purchased by one of his sons, however Race Godfrey Jr was not a reverend but Daniel Race Godfrey was. This is my current project, discovering just which family member effected the purchase. As a sidenote, the name Race is still current in branches of the family and is a carry down from Daniel Race (1697-1775), my six times great grandfather.
The pool originally filled with water from the adjacent River Avon but this was changed to the more conventional mains water supply in 1861. The site underwent ownership changes through 1984 when it was finally closed to swimmers who gave way to farmed trout for a period. Now Grade 2* listed the pools are in the hands of a restoration group whose efforts to raise the millions required to restore life to the site remain to be seen.
K-1/D-FA 28-105mm

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